Pelle Pelle Jackets – In the Memory of Marc Buchanan

1978 has been a huge breakthrough for many renowned brands and Pelle Pelle was one of them. Regardless of many unwanted reactions and hatred by many people, it made its way to the fashion industry. …

1978 has been a huge breakthrough for many renowned brands and Pelle Pelle was one of them. Regardless of many unwanted reactions and hatred by many people, it made its way to the fashion industry. A boy with a thought to change the sense of clothing with his incredible efficiency in creating attires using the brightest of colors, it was an unusual thing to even think of.


About the founder of Pelle Pelle!

Marc Buchanan is the founder of the brand and he started working on his ideas way before he launched Pelle Pelle into the market. It took him eight long years to finally make his name and he did not only manage to make it but also kept it to date with Pelle Pelle Marc Buchanan. All the hustle-bustle started in 1970 and finally, in 1978 he founded his leather-goods company under the banner of Pelle Pelle.


The meaning of the word Pelle is leather and people who are familiar with it know where it came from. It was the time when people were not that aware of hip-hop’s sense of fashion especially if you use it to assemble a jacket or whatsoever. For them, it was just a music genre. And seeing it turning into a whole new brand is something that no one has ever imagined.


The success story

The brand got popular among people regardless of class and status and that is exactly the reason why we have seen so many celebs wearing his outfits. Even today, people are all about Pelle Pelle. If you ask them what kind of jacket they would want to keep for the rest of their lives, the first answer will be Pelle Pelle.


It completed 30 successful years in 2008 and that was a call for a party, right? So they did it! It was sponsored by Celebrity Catwalk and Vibe Magazine in a confidential penthouse near Midtown West. It wasn’t just the success of a brand but also, emerging side by side with an era that is dominated by music, was pretty hard. But they did it. And it was time to celebrate!


Pelle Pelle started from scratch and lives in the hearts of fans rent-free even after getting discontinued for some unknown reasons. And in that moment fans decided to work on it so that they can keep the legacy alive for generations to come. Consider us one of them consider every fashion fanatic one of them. Who would want their favorite brand to just die like that?


What are you going to read?

He worked on so many categories that we sometimes forget to mention. Hence, to keep them all in place respectively, we decided to compose this piece of article. And we hope that this will also live without rent in your heart. In the following article, you are about to discover some of the most famous Pelle Pelle jackets, of course, these are inspired and fan-made collections. So, grab your snacks, sit back, and have a look at some of these astonishing jackets. But beware! You might want to have them in your closet.


Pelle Pelle 1978 White Leather Jacket

Let’s start with this incredibly outstanding 1978 leather jacket inspired by Pelle Pelle. If you want to achieve the look of the 70s then this can be a good option to go for. Alright, we know, you are not here to make a purchase. We are just suggesting. When the following series came out, it stunned every fashionista.


It was officially saying that gone are the days when fashion used to be tight outfits. It’s time to introduce some baggy pants along with loose clothing. Where some people did not bother to acknowledge it, for some it was sort of a relief that finally we had something different. We can say that it hit just like the Victorian era did and the only difference was that in the Victorian era, they used to have elegant and sophisticated gowns, this time it was colorful and full of art leather jackets.


Pelle Pelle American Green Bruiser Jacket

Then we have this American green Bruiser jacket. Let’s just keep aside everything for a moment and talk about the color this jacket has. It’s hard to find a jacket in green color and that too in this exact shade. The great thing about this jacket is that you can wear it with anything and it does not restrict you to wear it to a specific gathering.


It can be your casual outerwear and formal too. It depends on how you style it. But here’s the twist, Pelle Pelle did not just produce leather jackets, instead, they played with other fabrics too. Just like this one. The following jacket is fabricated with a parachute exterior and has a viscose lining inwards. Unlike the above-mentioned jacket, this one has embossed work, yea some patches too but not completely. It has roomy pockets, rib-knitted cuffs, and a collar, with a zippered closure. Same specifications on different materials.


Pelle Pelle Black Hooded Fur Jacket

Moving on to this lovely black hooded fur jacket. We think it speaks for itself as you can see how flawlessly bewitching this jacket is. Made from a genuine leather exterior while the inner of the jacket has been secured with a soft viscose lining. The reason for using viscose for the inner is that it is one of the softest fabrics and it also keeps you warm in cold weather. As for the outer shell, everyone knows, a good leather jacket is made with heavy-duty durable leather.


Although sometimes, fake leather works too it won’t be long=lasting. So it depends on your choice. But we would suggest, it’s better to go for something pricey if it can last for years than to waste money on cheap and low-quality stuff especially when you are buying clothes or outerwear.


The following jacket includes rib-knitted cuffs, zippered closure, two side pockets, and a hood with fur on the edges. What else would make it more appealing than a badge of Pelle Pelle on the chest?


Ladies Pelle Pelle Wing Pink Hoodie

We talked about leather and parachute and now it’s time we should add something new to the list. Which probably is going to be this lady’s pink wing hoodie. Last year has been so good so far, not for everyone but ladies can’t say that because Women’s Pelle Pelle 2021 Collection says something different.


Have a look at this captivating pink jacket or hoodie whatever you would like to name it. This outerwear has been put together with wool material and as we said before, Marc never hesitated to try something new and whenever he tried, the outcome was fantastic just like this wing pink hoodie. Apart from color and material, the jacket possesses other features too and that includes a zippered closure, some extraordinary work at the back, spacious pockets, rib-knitted cuffs, and waistband. So, what’s your stance on this one?



Just like every other business, there were ups and downs and we remember that one time he got in trouble for printing something inappropriate on pants he launched but things sorted out. Anyhow, as everyone knows that consistency is the key, keeping in mind he never stopped working. Deep down he might know that after several years, or even a decade people are still going to talk about how he came up with so many ideas and used them on each jacket he was producing at that time. And he might have stopped doing that but we are not!  


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