6 Steps to Create the Best Blog Post

Are you into blogging but have not found much success? It could be because the blog you write is not what readers are looking for. Whether you are already a blogger or planning to start …

Create the Best Blog Post

Are you into blogging but have not found much success? It could be because the blog you write is not what readers are looking for. Whether you are already a blogger or planning to start blogging, you need to understand how to create the best blog post. Blogging is mostly a fun activity pursued as a hobby. However, many people consider blogging to be a way to earn money.

To do that, you need to know how to create a top-quality blog post. To help you, we have a guide that lists six steps to creating a great blog post. Follow these steps and get started on your journey to success in blogging.

Steps to make the best blog post

1) Decide the topic

What will you blog about? A topic that interests you or a topic that is trending? Choose the topic wisely for it decides if your blog post will turn out to be a popular one. You may be an expert in calculus, but not everyone is interested in calculus. Your blog posts will be restricted to people in that area. Choose a topic that you know and one that people are interested in.

Politics, entertainment, and sports are some of the popular topics that a large majority of people are interested in. Choose a topic from these themes if you have an interest in and knowledge of it. Don’t choose a topic because it is trending. You should have a view or opinion and should be able to present it well. While blogging you can choose a particular niche or write about multiple themes.

2) Who are you addressing?

Whether you are marketing a product or writing a blog you should be able to reach out to your target audience. While writing, you need to have your reader in mind. Are you writing for children or teens or young adults? Or is your article written for adults? The target audience is important since it determines the style of writing. If your readers are people related to a particular domain (eg: you are writing on technology) then your article must be technical. You need to show your expertise in the topic.

If you are writing for younger people, the language must appeal to them. They would prefer writing that is crisp and concise. The way the blog is written depends on who you are writing it for. This is why it is important to identify your target audience before you start writing. This will ensure you get the readership you are looking for.

3) Come up with a catchy title

The title of the blog needs to be attractive. Come up with a title that is interesting, reveals what the topic is about, and at the same time tantalizes readers. Look at this one: “I gave up eating sugar for 2 months and what happened next was unbelievable” or “The only guide you will need to learn Python.”

The above titles are catchy and would make a reader feel like reading the blog. Use words like “advanced guide”, “step-by-step guide”, “know all about”, “easiest way to”, “backed by science,” etc. Ensure the title is not misleading, this is a sure way to lose readers.

4) Do keyword research

Since your blog is online, you need to popularize it once it is ready. Use Google’s keyword research tool or any other of your preferred tools for keyword research to find out keywords that people use on Google. Find out relevant keywords and include them in your blog. It is important to make it organic. The keywords should fit in naturally in your text. Stuffing or including keywords that sound grammatically wrong is a big mistake.

5) Write from the heart

It is important to write from your heart. Let your feelings and emotions come out through your writing. Try to make the writing stand out by using a lot of examples, illustrations, and stories. This is the best way to make your content attractive to readers. Make sure your blog addresses a problem people have and offers a solution. Or provide them information that they are looking for. Use infographics, stock photos, and even video content to make the blog more attractive.

6) Review after writing

Once you complete writing, review the content. Proof-check using tools like Grammarly to find out any grammatical mistakes. Read and re-read many times to ensure you catch all mistakes. If possible, get someone else to read it once. This will ensure the blog content is free from mistakes.

Utilize these tips to make your blog look more polished and grab more readers along the way!

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