Is page rank still important for SEO?

Let’s go a decade back in SEO and find PageRank a significant metric that every digital marketer cares about.  Enhancing PageRank meant boosting a business’s authority in the digital landscape by providing it a better …

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Let’s go a decade back in SEO and find PageRank a significant metric that every digital marketer cares about. 

Enhancing PageRank meant boosting a business’s authority in the digital landscape by providing it a better ranking on SERPs and attracting more traffic.

But does the concept holds the same importance in today’s time? Many of us may say no, but the truth is that it is still considered a ranking factor for Google. You can also approach the best SEO services in Faridabad, and they may help you understand the concept of PageRank.

This article will tell you everything about PageRank and its importance in 2022.



PageRank is a Google Algorithm that uses a formula to rank web pages depending on the quality and quantity of pages linked to them.

The formula determines the authority of a web page by taking into account the number of:

  • inbound links,
  • external links, and
  • PageRank of pages linked to the page.

It provides a score between 0-10 to web pages using a logarithmic scale, where the higher score is, the more authoritativeness the page holds and vice-versa.



In 2000, Google brought a toolbar that showcases the PageRank of every web page a user visited. Although, the same was removed in 2016 owing to the obsession it created among SEO professionals. They started to do everything to manipulate PageRank to show a site’s better authoritativeness. 

Plus, the Google team also realized that the toolbar was adding minimum value to website owners and stopped investing in it. 



Yes, Google still uses PageRank. Although, it is no longer accessible to website owners because it is used as an algorithm.

The best SEO company in Faridabad is well-versed in all Google algorithms that can help any business sort their SEO requirements in the best possible way.

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Here are a few factors that have a significant impact on PageRank:


The basic step to improve PageRank is through quality backlinks. The relevant and authoritative websites that link to your website, the better will be the PageRank.

Tips for creating quality backlinks:

  • Work on building good relationships with influencers and community members in your industry.
  • Create original content like webinars, infographics, videos, and other creative content that motivates other website owners to link to your pages or posts.
  • Don’t forget to participate in forums and communities that are related or important to your industry. 
  • Sharing content on social media platforms, along with tagging people relevant to your industry. 
  • Create unique, amazing, and stimulating content.

Backlink building is the key to making a website grow, but only when it is done correctly. Be unique and avoid spamming groups or communities. Create content to which people can relate or engage.

Also, remember to clean or eliminate bad backlinks so that they do not deteriorate your efforts of improving PageRank.

Moreover, if you’re planning to get links from directories or pages, you better skip that idea because such links dilute the link’s value and may not help improve PageRank.


Internal Linking

Internal linking is another tactic that passes PageRank from one page to another and significantly impacts a website’s ranking and traffic.

The more the sites link to your web page, the more traffic it will get.

Plus, it will boost the authority of the page linked.

Moreover, you can use different SEO tools to identify pages of your website that possess high authority so that you can transfer the links from those pages to low-authority pages to give them a great boost.

An easier option is to look at your Google Analytics and find the pages that are getting the most organic traffic. You can further use those pages to build internal links to low authority pages to give them an instant boost.

But before internal linking, ensure that the links are relevant to the content of the page they are being linked to.

If you’re having trouble creating internal backlinks, taking help from the reliable SEO services in Faridabad can be a great option.


External Linking

External links are hyperlinks targeting a domain different from the domain the link exists on. In simple language, if websites of other or related industries link to your web pages, it is considered external linking.

These links improve the PageRank of web pages they are linked to.

While the number of links on a page might affect the “value” of that link but the same does not have a negative impact on the linked page. If you find a resource or content helpful for your target audience, add a link to that content or resource might be helpful.

A study by Reboot reveals a positive correlation between rankings and the outbound links of a page.


Anchor Text

Anchor text includes visible characters and words that hyperlink display while linking to another document. The text provides a better description of web pages and encourages visitors to click. Initially, anchor text has a significant influence on page rankings.

If you want to rank for a specific keyword like “the best SEO company in Faridabad,” the more links you create using anchor text, the better the web page rank.

In the SEO landscape, every professional try to get the exact anchor text link as possible to get a high PageRank.

But it’s better not to overuse anchor text as it will result in toxic links and further into a manual penalty or algorithmic adjustment.



PageRank is a crucial Google algorithm ruling the SEO tactic even in 2022. Businesses are hiring the services of the best SEO agency in Faridabad to meet all algorithms and climb up the Google ladder to get more visibility across the globe.

We hope that the article has helped you understand why PageRank is still important for SEO and how it can help businesses get a better ranking on SERPs. If you’ve any questions or doubts, do let us know in the comments section below.

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