Benefits of Using Waterproof Bed Sheets for Infants

As per the studies, a newborn baby requires at least 14 to 18 hours of sleep in 24 hours. It means that the baby spends most of the time in its crib. Hence, the crib …

As per the studies, a newborn baby requires at least 14 to 18 hours of sleep in 24 hours. It means that the baby spends most of the time in its crib. Hence, the crib must be highly comfortable for the baby. The crib has many items like pillows, mattresses, bedsheets, and toys. All these items should be super soft to touch and chemical-free to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

There are many brands and manufacturers who make waterproof Cot sheets that are great for the baby’s delicate skin. They use fabrics made using botanic fibre because it is softer on the skin and gives room for air to pass.

The following points will help you in understanding the benefits of using waterproof crib bed sheets for infants:

Provides comfort

Newborn babies spend most of their time tucked in their beds, and they sweat a lot. This is why you must ensure that their bedsheets do not trigger the baby’s skin to sweat excessively. Some bed sheets trigger sweating by reflecting the heat. However, a waterproof sheet will prevent excess sweating by distributing the heat. These sheets have a layer of polyurethane that helps maintain the body temperature and keep the baby comfortable.

Easy to clean

The waterproof Cot sheets are easy to wash, prevent bacterial build-up, and dry quickly. You must buy multiple sheets so that you can frequently change them. Ordinary sheets can get rough with usage and develop fungi and bacterial growth, which can harm the child’s delicate skin. This is why it is best to use a waterproof sheet.

Soft on skin

Regular sheets are made of cotton, linen, or silk, and such fabrics are harsh on the skin, causing irritation and rashes. Hence, you must use proper waterproof bed sheets for your baby’s bed because these sheets are made of botanical fibre that is softer than cotton and perfect for the baby’s delicate skin.

You don’t need plastic layering.

Usually, people use a plastic sheet to put between the bedsheet and the mattress so that the mattress stays clean when the baby wets the bed. The sheet protects the mattress from getting dirty, but it makes the baby uncomfortable by trapping the heat on the surface and making the baby sweat too much. It also makes a lot of noise and crumples the bedsheet. Hence, it is best to use a waterproof sheet because it doesn’t need any plastic layer, so you can rest assured that your mattress will be clean and your baby will be comfortable.


The best part about using such sheets is that they are incredibly affordable and readily available in online and offline baby supply stores. You can also get your hands on combo offers. This is why you must choose these sheets so that you can use them and replace them with new ones when needed.

Using waterproof Cot sheets has these many benefits. It ensures the baby’s good health and is also convenient to use as you can easily carry it to places, store it in small spaces, wash it frequently, and replace it with new ones if it gets too old. You can make sure your baby enjoys sound sleep, stays comfortable in its bed, and doesn’t sweat too much. Many brands manufacture such sheets using materials suitable for the baby’s skin, so you can research the materials and then choose the brand that suits your requirements.

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