Bad Luck Wedding Gifts You Should Never Buy

What does one get the couple who have already found the foremost important gift of all – love? Well, maybe it is something on their IKEA registry and most definitely nothing within this list of …

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What does one get the couple who have already found the foremost important gift of all – love? Well, maybe it is something on their IKEA registry and most definitely nothing within this list of 9 bad luck wedding gifts. Weddings are about happiness, love, and therefore the future, right? Wrong! Wedding is all about superstitions. Unless you hate the couple whose wedding you’re attending, you ought to probably steer beyond some online gifts delivery ideas that are bad luck. Gifts like knives & scissors are an enormous no-no, even for people that like to cook & craft.

As per superstition, gifting this can object invites the couple to cut their relationship. Nobody wants that, especially since that happy couple probably dropped thousands of bucks just to tie the knot. Frightened of cursing your friends? Why not throw them some money over a cute little card, right? Not so fast. If you are delivering that cash in an unlucky way (like within the wrong quiet envelope) you’ll cause bankruptcy. Lucky for you, placing that cash during a wallet may be a good way to make sure good luck, since gifting the couple an empty wallet is additionally a nasty luck wedding present.

List of Top Bad Luck Wedding Gifts You Should Never Buy

Check out this list of gifts you should not get for marriage. Then just stick with the registry unless any of the subsequent items are on there.


Everyone knows that it is bad luck to open an umbrella inside, but it is a bit of bad luck to gift them as well. Unfortunately for the couple, rain on your day is taken into account good luck. So everyone may need to resign themselves to getting wet.


While money may be a great gift to offer & receive (in almost any situation), there are tons of superstitions about how that cash should be presented to a few. For instance, consistent with Wedding Traditions, at a Chinese wedding, the cash envelope should have a gold-engraved symbol for double happiness and will be presented & received with both hands. At Thai Buddhists’ weddings, the giver of the cash is predicted to put the cash within the same envelope during which they received the marriage invitation.


The phrase “give a clock” in Chinese tradition is pronounced an equivalent way as “attend a father’s funeral.” Essentially, by giving a clock as a marriage gift, you are telling the happy couple you would like to attend their funeral. That does not sound like much of an honest wish.


A lot of people are aware that breaking a mirror means 7 years of bad luck, which is why it is so unlucky to offer one as a marriage gift. The parable of breaking a mirror presumably evolved from the assumption that the image people you see reflected at you may be a projection of the soul. So breaking a mirror means risking injury to your soul.


Thai people believe that a handkerchief is especially used for wiping tears. So if you give it as a present, you are implying that you simply want the couple to cry. Albeit you are hoping for tears of joy, it is probably not a great present.


As Plant-Lore explained, taking some types of plants indoors may “produce misfortune.” Some common “offenders” include bluebells, lilacs, and red and white flowers. So much for that beautiful bouquet on the nightstand.


In some cultures, gifting online personalized gifts could symbolize the will to draw in a suitor. While which may be great for your single friends, charming another person outside of the connection is not necessarily what a replacement couple is looking to try to. Perfume is additionally excellent thanks to telling someone they smell bad. It is probably best to avoid this one at the least cost.


According to the Long Island Wedding Forum, a standard superstition holds that if you purchase a man’s shoes, he will walk out of your life or walk everywhere you. That is probably not the sort of marriage anyone wants.


You hate once you break a wine glass – it is so annoying to possess odd numbers! And as Learn Thai and MOD explains, under Thai superstition, breaking glassware item means destroying a relationship.

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