Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Controller, Video

Faze Sway is a member of the FaZe Clan YouTube channel, and his true name is Jouse Sway. Sway was unveiled as a member of Faze for the first time in March 2019, making him …

Faze Away settings

Faze Sway is a member of the FaZe Clan YouTube channel, and his true name is Jouse Sway. Sway was unveiled as a member of Faze for the first time in March 2019, making him the group’s youngest member at the moment. His most popular video has had over 14 million views, and his Faze Sway Controller Settings instructions have become quite popular among Fortnite players. Faze Sway will show you what changes he’s made to his controller settings, video settings, and other settings on occasion.

Faze Sway, who has become one of the finest Fortnite players online, prefers to play with a controller. Despite being a Fortnite-focused channel, Faze Sway typically pulls a million or more viewers on a weekly basis. When Fortnite became the most popular game on the globe, Faze Sway settings, which has over four million YouTube subscribers, made a fortune. Sway hasn’t looked back since then, and he’s been busy creating original content for the network.

Faze Sway Settings

Faze Sway enjoys tinkering with his settings and experimenting with new things. This is part of the basis for his success; he isn’t constrained by any one style; instead, he adjusts to what he believes is the greatest possible environment for him, giving him an edge over others. The controller settings shown below are the most recent Faze Sway settings he was spotted sporting in his most recent video.

Faze Sway Controller Settings

Below are the controller settings used by Faze Sway. He’s demonstrated that he’s at his best in these situations time and time again. The controller options include controls for combat, building, and abilities.

So far, Sway has been seen utilizing a DualShock 4 Berry Blue Edition Controller to play Fortnite. A good controller is essential and may make a big difference in your game. So the idea is to choose the one that seems the most natural to you.

Combat Controls Aim Down Sights L2
Previous Weapon L1
Inventory D-Pad Up
Unbound D-Pad Left
Replay Last Emote D-pad Right
Emote D-Pad Down
Toggle Pickaxe L3
Attack/Confirm R2
Next Weapon R1
Edit Triangle
Reload/Interact Square
Switch Circle
Jump X
Crouch/Slide/Repair R3
Game Menu Option Button
Build Controls Stair piece (Select /Place) L2
Roof Piece (Select/Place) L1
Change Material/Trap D-Pad Left
Wall Piece (Select/Place) R2
Floor Piece (Select/Place) R1
Trap Picker/Place Square
Ability Controls Utility Ability L1
Secondary Ability R1

Sway Video Settings

Video settings are just as essential as any other option, and failing to pay attention to them might cost you a lot of money. Take a look at Faze Sway’s Video Settings to see if they work for you if you haven’t yet found out the settings you want. Display, Graphics, Graphics Quality (Performance Mode), and Advanced Graphics are some of the video settings available.

Display Window Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1920 X 1080 16:9
Frame Rate 237 FPS
Graphics Brightness 150 Percent
User Interference Contrast 1x
Color Blind Mode OFF
Color Blind Strength 0
Graphics Quality (Performance Mode) 3D Resolution 100 Percent
View Distance Near
Textures Low
Meshes Low
Advanced Graphics VSync OFF
Rendering Mode Performance (BETA)

You might be wondering if Faze Sway really does play at 237 frames per second because his videos and feeds show 60 frames per second. Sway revealed in one of his videos that it’s a visual glitch and that he prefers to play at 237 FPS rather than 60 FPS. I’m sure you’ll test Faze Sway’s Video options now that you’ve seen what they are. Check to see whether it works for you and if it enhances your ability.

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Faze Sway Game Settings

Although game settings are not the most significant aspect of settings, it is the small details that distinguish the best from the others. Faze Sway strives to be the greatest, thus he is always experimenting with different game settings. The settings shown here are Faze Sway’s most recent, so check out one of Sway’s broadcasts to see whether they’re still the same.

Language and Region Matchmaking Region NA-East (25MS)
Language English
Movement Toggle Sprint OFF
Sprint by Default ON
Sprint Cancels Reloading OFF
Auto-Open Doors ON
Combat Hold To Swap Pickup OFF
Toggle Targeting OFF
Mark Danger When Targeting ON
Auto Pickup Weapons OFF
Preferred Item Slots Configure
Auto Sort Consumables To Right OFF
Building Reset Building Choice ON
Disable Pre-Edit Option ON
Turbo Building ON
Confirm Edit on Release OFF
Tutorial Contextual Tips ON
Extra Game Options Invert View OFF
Invert Airborne Controls ON
Turbo Delete in Creative Mode ON
Nvidia Highlights OFF
Peripheral Lighting ON
Tap To Search/Interact ON
Replays Record Replays ON
Record Large Team Replays ON
Record Creative Mode Replays ON


These are all the Fortnite Settings that we’ve observed Faze Sway using in his recent games. If you notice any change in them, let us know so we could update it as well. Consider checking out some of our other guides on game settings. If there are any other player settings you want to see, then let us know.

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