Zombie Tsunami Mod APK (Unlock All Birds) For Android

Zombie Tsunami (MOD, Unlimited Money) – a game in which are sitting tight for some experiences.the little man who needs to contaminate and transform everybody into the equivalent being as he is. You will rush …


Zombie Tsunami (MOD, Unlimited Money) – a game in which are sitting tight for some experiences.the little man who needs to contaminate and transform everybody into the equivalent being as he is.

You will rush forward obliterating everything in its way and gnawing individuals. They will run behind you and assist with gathering coins and rewards.

Present about Zombie Tsunami:

Today, I will present you with Zombie Tsunami Mod, an “old however gold” game. Since sending off up until this point, this game has continuously turned into a landmark and an essential game on cell phones.

Zombie games frequently center around human endurance before a disaster, requiring the player to escape, fabricate a base, or even find and kill whole zombies.

Yet, have you at any point contemplated whether game distributors are as well “unjustifiable” to zombies? To respond to this inquiry, the distributer Mobigame S.A.R.L. delivered Zombie Tsunami. In this game, you need to figure out how to think like zombies. (truth be told they are not equipped for thinking).



  • While playing the game, you will into the multitude of zombies going after the huge urban areas all over the planet. You start the game with just a single zombie.
  • Then, at that point, attempt to eat meat and transform however many individuals into zombies as could reasonably be expected.
  • Like Subway Surfers Mod, Zombie Tsunami is an unending sprinter match-up that implies you run until the finish of the game.
  • You should simply control the zombies to bounce up to keep away from the obstructions or go through the profound opening by contacting anyplace on the screen.
  • It sounds simple. yet the game requires a ton of expertise and reflexes for the player while planning a ton of bombs and openings to hang tight for you to lose.
  • Only one slip-up, you can straightforwardly kill the whole multitude of zombies that you fabricate.


  • A game is now immense progress of it can draw in huge clients and with its basic simple play is impeccably appropriate for each age bunch.
  • One needn’t bother to be a gaming master to play this game. With a solitary touch, the whole leading body of zombies can be controlled.
  • The creators of Zombie Tsunami didn’t believe the client should get exhausted without any problem.
  • To that end, they made interactivity with around 100 or more trouble levels which the gamer can appreciate without getting worn out.
  • In the event that you imagine that the game is restricted to simply human zombies. you are mixed up.
  • The game offers you the additional chance to raise zombie birds. with a superior possibility of changing over individuals into zombies Sounds creepy right!
  • The game is loaded up with many updates which the gamer can open through the course of the game. Each game will assist you with fortifying your abilities and your opportunities to change over individuals into zombies.
  • Fun yet there’s an alternate degree of fun when you get to partake in the game with your companions.
  • Zombie Tsunami permits you to move your companions to a race where you need to obliterate all that comes in your manner.
  • To add to the energy, the gamer presented many rewards like around 10 or more kinds of Ufo’s, ninjas, and some more. The game isn’t similar to any normal game out there.


You can involve the abilities in a brief time frame stretch, they assist you with living and annihilating the vehicle.

  • GiantZ: The entire zombie transforms into a monster zombie. annihilating everything through his laser eye.
  • You can overhaul the lasers to fire different beams with more prominent harm.
  • Ninja: Your zombies transform into a ninja with a katana that can cut everything. You have some control
  • over the ninja hopping two times by double-tapping on the screen.
  • Gold: Zombies transform into gold alongside the capacity to transform everything into gold mint pieces to gather. however, they can in any case kick the bucket in the event that they tumble into the openings.
  • Quarterback: Zombies are invulnerable to all risks, yet like Gold, they fear profound openings.
  • Tidal wave: This is the most impressive expertise. Zombies gather a tidal wave and afterward ride on it, annihilating everything.
  • In this state, you are totally interminable.
  • Winged serpent: The mythical beast is equipped for flying for a while, you ought to press consistently to make the leap for the mythical beast. At the principal level. the mythical beast is as yet harmed assuming that you hit the bomb. yet you can move up to fix it.
  • Swell: Help your zombies fly floating over the roadways, keeping away from vehicles or profound pits under the street.
  • U.F.O: Constantly increment the number of zombies for you.
  • Mecha: is a robot with a saw edge on the arm, cutting everything along the way.
  • riders: Skill requires an undeniable level to open. Zombies will drive the race vehicle and can climb if tragically fall into the opening. At the point when you redesign, they become invulnerable.

Final Words:

This website will make your cycle simpler by giving you bunches of gold and jewels from the beginning. You don’t have to do anything. Simply download the MOD APK adaptation of this game by means of the connection beneath the article.

Presently, Zombie Tsunami has in excess of 300 missions for you to investigate. These assignments are very fascinating, like shaking hardware when there is a tremor.

Configuration games are not excessively refined however to the point of satisfying you. Straightforward illustrations make it simple to use with any gadget. download it without stressing over the design of your telephone.

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