What Is Wpc16? Get Valid Details Here!

Want to get hold of a platform where you can enjoy watching your favorite cock fighting sports? Want to gain extra income on the side without doing much work? If you answered the question in …


Want to get hold of a platform where you can enjoy watching your favorite cock fighting sports? Want to gain extra income on the side without doing much work? If you answered the question in affirmative, then the WPC16 might be the best option for you. 

The WPC16 will provide you with a platform where you can enjoy watching sports as well as indulge yourself in some gambling and win cash prizes. But before you rush to the website, make sure to read all the details about WPC16 com. 

In this article we will be sharing with you all the details about this website and how you can enjoy watching live sports while making money on the side. Stay with us to get your hands on the information about WPC16. 

What is WPC16? 

wpc16 com

Source: Wpc16.com

WPC16 is a popular website in the Philippines as well as in other countries. The website offers the users from all around the world a live broadcast of cock fighting matches and an opportunity to win a huge sum of money in the shortest period of time. 

The WPC16 will provide its users with a free platform where they can enjoy watching live Sabong matches, indulge in playing various virtual games and also stake their money on the players and cocks participating in the Sabong matches. Staking their money on the players will open the opportunity for them to win huge cash prizes. 

The specialty of this website is that everyone on this platform is a part of the game and everyone, either player or viewers, are all participants in the game. Though players are involved actively in the game and viewers are participating by placing their bets on the games. 

Is Sabong Legal? 

This is a question that frequently crosses the mind of many people over the internet. As Sabong is a fierce sport that involves some level of animal cruelty, it is banned in restricted in many countries and it is illegal to practice such sports. 

However, Sabong is practiced freely and legally in the Philippines and it is completely legal to play this sport in the Philippines under the law passed by the government. The PAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation) is a government-based organization that is responsible for dealing with all the decisions and output of the cock fighting games in the Philippines. 

What is the role of PAGCOR? 

PAGCOR offers the game of Sabong right exposure in the Philippines and makes it possible for the people to enjoy this traditional game. It is the duty of PAGCOR to ensure that the players, cocks and derbies that want to participate in the cock fighting games are registered and licensed by the government. 

To make the matters smooth and reach a higher number of audiences, PAGCOR also developed another team that is mainly responsible for expertly designing the matches and tournaments that take place in the derbies and cockpits. The name of the organization is the WPC. 

The WPC (World Pitmaster Cup) also launched various online platforms in order to reach more people through the internet. These platforms are frequently visited by people from all over the world to watch live matches of cock fighting. 

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Is WPC16 com Legit or Not? 

According to the analysis of the platform on various online websites, WPC16 com is a trusted website that is frequently visited by many visitors from all over the world. When we searched on the internet about the legitimacy of the website, we encountered that the website has achieved a tremendous score of 100 trust score on Scam Advisor. 

The highest trust score obtained by the WPC16 shows that the website is certainly legit and trusted by many users online. After digging for more information, we found that the SSL certificate of the website is valid and the website receives a lot of traffic according to Alexa. 

How to Access WPC16 Dashboard? 

wpc16 com

Source: Wpc16.com

To access the WPC16 dashboard, you need to first create your account on the platform. Create your account on WPC16 com and get yourself registered on the website. Once you have got hold of your account on the platform, follow the steps below to access your WPC16 dashboard easily. 

  • Visit the website with the link wpc16 com 
  • Fill in the required information 
  • Fill in the username and password of your account in the required space 
  • Once the information is given, click on the login button 
  • You are now successfully logged into your account 
  • And now you will be redirected to the WPC16 dashboard 

When you have gained access to the dashboard, you will be able to avail all the perks offered by the website. Using the dashboard, you will gain access to all the updates and information of the current and upcoming Sabong matches and tournaments. 

The WPC16 dashboard will also help you keep track of your activities on the platform and inform you about the money transactions and winning you have bagged. 

Other Games on WPC16 

Besides offering live Sabong matches and a medium to win cash prizes, the WPC16 also offers you a platform from where you can enjoy playing various types of virtual games online. The online games that are included on the platform are chess, cards, volleyball and a virtual version of Sabong. 

The virtual version of Sabong is a very popular game on this website which is played by many gamers from around the world. Virtual Sabong does not include any type of animal cruelty which is why is very popular and loved by the fans. 


The WPC16 will provide you with a platform where you can enjoy passing your time with a variety of activities. You can watch sports, play games and gamble on the platform. To avail all the features and perks of the website, you only need to create your account on the website and get yourself registered on the platform. 

Hopefully, this article served you well and cleared out many details about the WPC16 website. 

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