Tips to Prepare for WAEC Mathematics Examination 2022

Do you want to prepare exhaustively and pass your WAEC exam with ‘A’ in all of your subjects? If you answered YES, then this article is exactly what you need to read today. Passing the …

Do you want to prepare exhaustively and pass your WAEC exam with ‘A’ in all of your subjects? If you answered YES, then this article is exactly what you need to read today. Passing the WAEC exam is not an easy task. Every WAEC candidate hopes to pass this exam once and for all. It is also clear that WAEC is now a huge factor in gaining admission to your preferred university and pursuing your desired course of study. As a result, many students are doing everything they can to obtain effective tips that will assist them in passing and receiving good grades in all of their chosen subjects. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the main part!

What is This WAEC Mathematics Examination?

WAEC is an abbreviation for the West African Examination Council. As the name suggests, it is an examination body for the English-speaking region of West Africa. It is an examination body founded in the year 1952 to conduct the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for university and JAMB entry examinations in five West African countries: Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. It issues certificates to its candidates at the end of the exams. Examining authorities all over the world recognise this certificate. As a result, if you plan to study abroad, you can use your WAEC certificate.

Tips That Can Help You Crack the Examination with Flying Colours

Show Some Determination

Determination is an important factor in a student’s ability to succeed in any examination. There is no exam that you can pass with fear in your heart. Students allowing other people’s experiences and words to discourage them even after studying hard for the exam is one of the major causes of massive failures and misconduct during examinations. Don’t think or say things like, “WAEC Mathematics is impossible to pass.” Some people use their traumatic experiences and words to discourage others who are about to take the WAEC exams. Allow yourself to absorb positivity and not be carried away by the horror stories about the WAEC examination that people will tell you.

Set Realistic Grades That You Can Work For

If you wish to give a successful WAEC examination test, then you must allow yourself to set a schedule and analyse the syllabus. Once you analyse the syllabus properly, you must sit down and talk to yourself about realistic goals. Set a target and how much can you actually work hard to achieve a particular grade.

Start Reading

There have been disagreements about when WAEC candidates should begin preparing for their exams. Some believe that six months before the exam is ideal; others believe three months before the exam is preferable. Some believe that candidates should begin preparing from the first day of secondary school, and others believe that reading should begin when the start of WAEC registration is announced. There is no specific answer to this question; it is dependent on the intellectual capacity of the individual who wishes to take the examination.

Prepare a Schedule and Stick to it

Having a timetable will help you cover up all areas of concentration in your notebooks and textbooks, and this will allow you to maximise your time effectively, and will prepare you appropriately for the WAEC examination. When planning your schedule, make sure to allocate more time to the core subjects that you are expect to pass before applying for admission to your desired course.

Read Material That Is Recommend

Students are often confuse about where to start from and when to stop. Well, we all are aware of the number of study materials available for reading and practising but, we recommend you to choose what suits you. Not every reading material will help you grasp all the knowledge. You will have to take the help of textbooks, reading materials, in class knowledge and previous years’ question papers. It is important for you to know that WAEC mathematics past questions and answers PDF can help you practise and achieve better results in the best way. You must use these question papers to practise mock tests at least once a day after you complete your syllabus.

Ensure to Avoid Distractions

We get distractions everywhere, and we all are scare of them, but the more you are scared, the less you concentrate. You must know your goal and ask yourself what the most important thing is?

You must know that keeping your preparations up to date is as important as paying attention in classes you attend for the same. If You must keep your teachers close and make sure to get all the latest information and study material that can help you get better grades. Last but not least is to take a few mock tests once you are done with the syllabus. The best way to do so is by using previous years’ question paper and practising the format and possible questions you can get.


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