Different types of wooden tables for your home

The markets have different types of wooden furniture and choosing the right furniture for your residence might be difficult. There are different types of furniture that go into your house. Some kinds of furniture gather a lot …

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The markets have different types of wooden furniture and choosing the right furniture for your residence might be difficult. There are different types of furniture that go into your house. Some kinds of furniture gather a lot of attention because of their location, influence of the culture, or utility. The wooden tables are piece of furniture that is sometimes left unnoticed. In India, this wooden furniture piece has various names, like it is called ‘tea table’ in the north and a ‘coffee table’ in the south.

There are different types of center tables that don’t have standard dimensions. Based on the material used, different types of wooden tables include-

  • Wooden coffee table- This is the most common type of center table because it is easy to manufacture and is familiar to the people. This table is made up of rubberwood and due to modern methods of manufacturing, these tables are more long-lived and decorative. This is mainly used for indoor settings.
  • Marble top table with wooden base- As suggested by the name, this table is made up of wood as well as solid marble. This is easy to maintain and clean kind of table. This table is resistant to dust and liquid spillage. In recent times, a marble table with a wooden base has become less expensive. Also, a combination of these two materials can help you to cut down the cost instead of going for the entire marble table.
  • Black walnut center table- This table is known for its stability, durability, and is not easily deformed. This is the reason why most people go for a black walnut center table. This table is dark in color and has a beautiful texture. It is a rot-resistant table that doesn’t wrap up despite variations in heat and humidity.
  • Rectangular center table- This is another popular kind of table that has been more useful for a long time. You can go for this table in case you have a huge family. It gives you enough space to accommodate all the members on one table. You can even use this table when you have invited guests over for a house party. Since it is rectangular in shape it can accommodate many people and also has enough space for the people to move around freely.
  • Glass top table with wooden base- A glass top table is resistant to heat and can be cleaned easily. This is a luxurious table that brings a lot of people to admire it when placed in the center of the living room. It is a multi-purpose table that follows the ongoing trend. You can even use this as a side table if it is smaller in size. You can even place this in the living room or your bedroom.
  • The multifunctional table- People nowadays prefer wooden tables that are multifunctional. The new versions of these tables also have storage spaces and multiple drawers for storing various stuff. These tables can be used for both functional and decorative purposes. You can even fold some of these tables in case you don’t want to use them. This feature helps you save and utilize the space for some other purpose. Since the houses have become smaller now, this foldable multi-purpose table is in high demand.
  • Oval-shaped table- This is another highly demanded wooden table that serves both the purpose of decoration and functionality. These tables are popular in the office setting because they give a sleek and classy look to the area. This wasn’t a very popular kind of table in ancient times, but since it is affordable people have started to shift to this. Instead of an oval table, you can even choose a round table which is becoming more popular among younger generations. A round table holds less space and can be moved from one place to another easily.

To conclude

If you know about different types of furniture before you buy them can be helpful for you. You can make a wise decision if you know about the different types of wooden tables that are available in the market. A center table can make or break the look of your home. So, you cannot pick any random piece. This table is commonly used by your guests, so it should be classy, attractive, as well as functional.

Depending upon the shape of the table, the material that has been used to make the table, and the purpose of the table, you can pick up the best piece for yourself. Since it is an expensive affair, you cannot go wrong with your decision. You need to consider a few factors as well as should be well aware of the types of the center table that are sold by the furniture sellers.

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