Kyeop Cycle 8 Application Form 2022 – 23: Get Details Here!

You must be hearing about a platform called Kyeop cycle 8, but are you having any understanding of this platform? So, we will give you all the information on this platform. Read this article and …

kyeop cycle 8

You must be hearing about a platform called Kyeop cycle 8, but are you having any understanding of this platform? So, we will give you all the information on this platform. Read this article and learn the use of Kyeop cycle 8. 

We have been receiving requests from a lot of people to upload accurate information related to this platform so that people can plan accordingly. We will give you all the information related to its description, Kyeop cycle 8 application, requirements, and the qualification required to apply.

About kyeop cycle 8 

kyeop cycle 8 application


Kyeop cycle 8 is a platform that aims to improve the well-being of the youth in Kenya. This is done by providing the teenagers with essential training, internship, and then business opportunities. An application form is filled out every year by thousands of students to be a part of this program. In this article, we will be talking about the year 2022-2023.

Eligibility Criteria for kyeop cycle 8 

This program like every other program has eligibility criteria. It includes,

  1. Applicant must be between the age of 18-29.
  2. Applicant must be having a NIC ( National identity card ) of Kenya. 
  3. Applicant must have a max qualification of form 4. This is an education stage in Kenya. 
  4. The must not be employed for the time he will be a part of this project. 

Services provided

In this program, applicants are trained and guided on how to become great entrepreneurs in the future. For this you just have to fill in the application form on the mentioned site. In this program, one month of training in life skills and core business skills is provided. Two months of formal skills training followed by a three-month internship.

Finally, a 5-month apprenticeship under a qualified person is required to get the certificate. 

Areas of formal technical training

ICT Catering Fashion Design Bee Keeping
Hair Dressing Solar PV Technology Welding Beauty Therapy
Dressmaking Masonry Plumbing Firefighting
Mechanical Operations Baking Carpentry
Oil Pipeline Operations Painting and Decoration Motor Vehicle Mechanics Electrical Installation
Plant Operations Electricals Hospitality Food processing
Horticulture Waste Management

Areas of informal technical training 

Agribusiness Agro-processing Chemical Production Cobbler
Welding and metal fabrication Motor vehicle mechanics Panel beating and spraying Fashion and Design
Event Planning Plumbing Masonry Catering
Bead making Hairdressing Dressmaking Carpentry
Weaving Cleaning Services Landscaping Painting
Handcrafts Leatherwork Cycle Repair Photography
Woodwork Bio sand production ICT Bakery

Steps to fill the application form

First of all you need to go to the kyeop cycle 8 website, which is Then click on the application form option which is available in the taskbar. Start filling in the required field and carefully enter the data, because any mistake in entering the data related to your personal information will then be passed o to your certificate which will be given to you after the completion of this project.

You may also use the cross and check option available to select answers in the list boxes. Also  utilize the circle options for the yes/no options. Insert the current date with the corresponding icon and add a legally binding signature, which is shown on your NIC. 

To add a signature go-to sign-Sgt and then select the option to add a new signature and select the option you prefer, you can type, draw or upload a picture of your signature and place it where required. 

When you have uploaded the signature and have rechecked all the uploaded information, select the option that says ‘done’. After that download your copy and save it at a safe destination or you can also print the kyeop cycle 8 application form.

If you face any issue related to the form submission check the help section available in the taskbar. This section has some FAQs (frequently asked questions) and if you are facing a similar problem you may read the answer to that question, which may help you solve the issue. If you can’t solve the issue by it then feel free to contact the customer support representatives, the details for it are given in the help section. 

How to download the kyeop certificate?

After completing all the requirements of this project you will be given a certificate. You can get the certificate by the following steps.

  1. You can get the certificate from the kyeop website mentioned above.
  2. Click on the digital training certificate option.
  3. Enter your NIC number. 
  4. After that you may enter the captcha code for a security check it lies below the option where you entered your NIC number.
  5. After you are done with the mentioned steps click on to the submit button to view the certificate, and also download it. 

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