Considerations to be Made Before Hiring Industrial Painters

It is a serious undertaking when looking to paint a manufacturing or storage unit or any other structure used for business. The job needs to be done perfectly, but it also needs to be on …

It is a serious undertaking when looking to paint a manufacturing or storage unit or any other structure used for business. The job needs to be done perfectly, but it also needs to be on time. The process of finding an industrial painter and getting estimates is time-consuming. There is a general assumption that commercial and industrial painting are the same things. Though they both deal with business establishments, the critical difference is that while commercial painting jobs are for places customers might visit, industrial painting jobs are for everything else. Industrial painting jobs are consider preventive protection for areas the general public does not usually see, such as warehouses, factories, and manufacturing units. If the industrial painting job is well done, the surfaces of the industrial unit will be less prone to corrosion.

Therefore, some questions need to be ask to hiring a reliable industrial painter. This article lists factors that need to be considered before interviewing industrial painting companies to check their suitability for the project.


Even before asking how an industrial painter meets the project requirements, one needs to make sure that every other professional requirement is met. The hired company has to be a dependable, professional painter with extensive experience in the industrial sector and not someone who takes up painting jobs as they come. Some fundamental factors to look for when investigating a potential painter are –

  • Experience – How long have they been in the business? How do they train their crew? How many industrial units have they dealt with? These questions go a long way in determining if the company understands the needs and challenges of industrial painting.
  • Insurance and License – Do the company have insurance for its work and employees? Hiring someone who doesn’t have general liability insurance or employees compensation insurance, the factory owner could be held liable for any injury or damage that occurs during the painting project.
  • Recommendations and References – Can they recommend any of their past clients? Do their past clients recommend working with them? It always helps to get past references and reach out to them. It helps verify the claims of the company. One can always check online reviews of the company on various social media platforms where they have a presence.
  • Complete Quotations – The quote received should be inclusive of all foreseeable expenses. The company should be able to provide an itemized quote instead of a single big number. It should be clear from the quotation which part of the job is going to cost and how much. Make sure to enquireabout their redo policies in case of flaws or problems.


The saying – time is money – is right on the dot. The cost of the project relies on the timely completion of the project. If the painting project is on a severe crunch, but the chosen painter cannot commit to that timeline, they to be let go despite meeting every other criterion. One needs to be upfront about their needs. If the project needs to be finish by a specific date, it needs to be mention to the company. Even if the job is not urgent and has room for the timeline to be flexible, it is better to provide the company with a ballpark on the expected completion date. To avoid potential frustration and delays, it is better to have a goal date in mind.


There are many types of industrial paints and techniques. Industrial painting is a whole different game. It is not the same as holding a paintbrush and painting a flat wall. The paint job will cover some important parts of the building and will significantly affect the revenue generated now and in the future. Depending on the project’s needs, the painting company should decide the type of paint and technique. An experienced industrial painter should know how to judge the unique needs of each project and make proper recommendations. But one also needs to be specific with their requirements and the expected results. All of this will help determine if the company meets the project’s needs.

Check their Connections

A great industrial painting company always keeps up with the newest industry knowledge and products. This allows them to find the right products and methods for every paint job and evolve their processes more effectively. Find out how frequently the company touches base with their skills and vendors to keep abreast of changes happening to the industry.

One should always choose an industrial painting company that has helped several companies protect their assets and maximize their facility investment. They should have been in the business a long time and are known to excel customer expectations. One should be relieve after hiring an industrial painting company.


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