The Best Bags for Women that are Stylish, Practical and Popular

Let me burst a myth for you today, women’s best friends are not diamonds, period! If you really want to see a woman grin ear to ear, give her a handbag that is stylish, practical …

Best Bags for Women

Let me burst a myth for you today, women’s best friends are not diamonds, period! If you really want to see a woman grin ear to ear, give her a handbag that is stylish, practical and roomy. Every woman out there will vouch for the fact that a good practical and stylish handbag is a rare find nowadays. 

There are several styles of handbags out there like cross body bags for women, tote bags, bucket bags, mini bags, satchel and many more to cater different needs. But very rarely do we come across a handbag that is spacious, practical and doesn’t seem to be like a vegetable bag or diaper bag.

A woman has to keep a plethora of things on hand whenever she steps out of the home. Unlike men, who are good to go with just a few pockets in their pants, we need to keep a dozen of things like wallet, phone, perfume, sanitary pads, medicines, keys, pepper spray, Taser, lip balm, wet wipes, a small pouch of essential makeup, scrunchies, hair pins, sanitizers, masks and so many more things. 

A woman leaves the home but has another complete home inside her bag to cater every possible need, so inadvertently she needs a practical bag. A good practical bag is the one that provides room to keep all these things without compromising on the style aspect.

 If you offer a bag like that to any woman then she won’t be able to resist it as that is a rare commodity for sure. In this article, I have tried to put together a list of bags that will be a perfect fit for you if you want to look stylish and uber chic without compromising on the practicality quotient.

These handbags are a must-have for every woman as she can take them to work, shopping sprees, a quick evening with friends and even on movie night in cinema to sneak in your favorite snacks. So let’s make your life a bit easier but more stylish with these amazing handbag options from Miss Lola.

The Best Handbags for Women that are Stylish, Practical and Popular

There is no woman in the world who would say that one bag is enough for all her needs and that is not what I am trying to do here. What I want to achieve with this piece of writing is that you get some great options of handbags that are practical and stylish. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Shoulder Bags

90s favorite bag is back with a bang and a hint of vengeance as it has been out of our wardrobes for probably more than a decade. But now it has evolved with time, made some essential changes and is now becoming the most sought-after bag for all the women out there. Shoulder bags are easy to carry as you can obviously carry them on shoulders, rest them on the arms or hold them in the hands and it looks stylish in all those ways. 

Shoulder bags have the essential qualities of a spacious bag like a large pocket, zip closure, a smaller outer pocket to have quick access to some essentials, more sturdy support from the handles and a more structured outer for making things set in nicely. At Miss Lola we have some great options like Manifesting- Natural, Khatie and Camille.

The Tote Bag

When it comes to a perfect crossover between style and space than a tote bag is a favorite among us women. This style of bag allows us to satisfy our inner Paris Hilton yet being practical and more hands-on day to day. A tote bag is a must-have bag for every woman as it not only liberates her but also makes her more confident and stylish, whenever stepping out of the home. 

Tote bag can also be a home to all sorts of essentials a woman might want to carry all the time with her. There are a dozen styles in tote bags nowadays and Miss Lola ensures that you get an arrangement of tote bags at more affordable prices. My favorite option from Miss Lola is the classic Miss Lola Tote bag in black but some other options are also note-worthy like Cabo Paradise and Gemini Zodiac nude.

Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags for women have literally invaded the market and have been successful in conquering the hearts with its easy to manage size and spacious offerings. A good sized cross body bag is ideal for many occasions like shopping, quick drinks with your gal pals, movie night, and date night and for running errands on day to day bases. 

The best thing about cross body bags is that they work brilliantly well with not only all sorts of jeans, shorts or skirts but also pair up efficiently with cocktail dress, prom dress, summer dresses, minis and midis as well. The cross body bags have zip closures that keep things secure in your bag. 

This bag is easy to access for anything you have put in it as it sits on your thighs and is more reachable with your hands, unlike other bags for which you have to set them somewhere and retrieve the things. Miss Lola has such an amazing range of cross body bags for women that you are surely spoilt for choices. My few favorite bags are City Muse, Luxe Collective in Pink, Urban society and Fashion Desire.

Back Pack

Backpacks are a great option if you have a ton of stuff to carry everywhere or if you like to put the weight where it’s the most natural and easy to carry- on the shoulders! Backpack offers you great space and style. In fact a lot of high street brands are pumping out their back pack collection every season as it’s such a big hit among young girls!

A Word from Miss Lola

Miss Lola offers the biggest and the most affordable collection of all sorts of bags. Our bags are of great quality but not heavy on pocket one bit. We take a lot of pride in providing our customers what is in vogue without burdening their bank account.

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