5 Ways to Market Your Properties Better

Property marketing is arguably more competitive than ever. With housing prices soaring and the internet open for business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by digital marketing options. Today there are more renters and more ways …

market your properties

Property marketing is arguably more competitive than ever. With housing prices soaring and the internet open for business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by digital marketing options.

Today there are more renters and more ways to get your ads directly on their smartphones and mobile devices. Social media, rental property listing sites, and mobile browsing have all led to an increased incentive to market your properties online.

Landlords are using innovative methods to engage their prospective renters and provide them with immersive experiences before they’ve even toured a unit in person. 

If you feel like you’re struggling to keep up, you aren’t alone. Many landlords feel left behind by new trends in digital marketing. However, there are several strategies you can use to navigate this complex and competitive environment.

Here are five ways to market your properties better in a digital rental economy.

  1. Create Virtual Tour Experiences

Virtual tours are quickly becoming the standard for modern rental businesses. There are several types of virtual tours: pre-recorded walkthroughs, live video calls, and 3D virtual tours.

High-quality photos of your properties are great, but they don’t allow prospective renters to accurately gauge space or distances. They also can’t approximate the experience of walking around in a unit and exploring it oneself.

360-degree virtual tours are especially valuable to renters who can’t visit your units in person. There are many affordable kits for those unfamiliar with photography that integrate directly with your phone. You just need to purchase the software and equipment, set up your camera, and follow the instructions provided.

  1. Feature Testimonials and Positive Reviews

Personal testimonials can go a long way toward establishing a steady stream of renters interested in your open units.

Ask your current tenants to leave feedback on your properties. Display the most glowing reviews on your website or hard copy marketing materials. An enthusiastic quote or approving message shows prospective renters that others are satisfied with your company.

  1. Build Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is challenging but obligatory for all rental businesses. Your company must have a presence on social media to compete with other housing providers in your area.

Your social media use should primarily be for branding. Establish your values, goals, and identity as a landlord as well as the general character of your resident community. This means collecting and posting photos, hosting events, advertising community-building activities, and generally facilitating resident culture.

If you’re new to social media, start with one or two platforms whose user base closely matches your target audience. Get familiar with the expectations and norms for the platform. When you’re ready, develop content with plenty of visual elements.

  1. Level Up Your Website

There are many ways you can spruce up your website to attract more attention. 

We’ve already discussed how adding virtual tours can improve your website’s draw. You can also add drone photography, interlink blog articles, or embed your Twitter or Instagram feed. 

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, consider investing some time into making sure smartphone users can easily navigate your website.

Another useful feature for your website is an auto-scheduler for tours. This tool allows interested renters to independently schedule tours based on your calendar.

  1. Use Listing Syndication Software

Listing syndication software is one of the best marketing tools available for landlords. On most rental property management software platforms, listing syndication allows you to write one listing and post it to multiple popular listing sites (Zillow, Apartments.com) simultaneously.

Online listing sites are the first place renters will look when searching for properties. You want yours to be present and prominent on as many sites as possible. 

Listing syndication greatly simplifies this goal. With a few clicks, you can spread the word about your properties and increase your digital reach.

Marketing Your Properties in 2022

Marketing your properties in 2022 means being adaptable and flexible with new technology. The more you embrace different digital modes and methods, the better your advertisements will travel to your ideal renters. By following these tips and continuing to provide excellent service to your tenants, you can quickly develop a strong marketing campaign for your rentals.

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