Phone Call Recording App To Stop Schoop Bullying

I saw my kid getting a whole of stationery from the book shop. I suspected something was wrong as he is not that kind. then I asked and he told me that they are preparing …

phone call recording app..

I saw my kid getting a whole of stationery from the book shop. I suspected something was wrong as he is not that kind. then I asked and he told me that they are preparing for protest. A new Asian girl had to transfer school after she faced severe bullying and harassment in the school. She has to go through mental trauma and then as the last chance she transferred to the school.

The whole class thought of making it an official protest so that school authorities take some action right away. I told him if he need any more kind of support I will be available.

But this whole thing made me realize many things. It is 2022 and we are still fighting for our rights and our kids are still trying to fight their way out as a minority. Though it’s been a while since my kid has been in school still I was worried that may be this wave of bullying and harassment from the minorities affect him in any way. As a precautionary measure, I decided to extend the parental control app usage for the next six months as well. Yes, I am a parental control app user and though I planned to drop the act this thing triggered so many things that I decided to extend the plan.

I am an OgyMogy user and it has been a great help till now, especially as a phone call recording app. It makes me believe that kid is in a safe and healthy environment.

Listen To Threatening Call Recordings:

My son told me that someone posted the girl’s number on the school portal and she was receiving threatening calls and messages. This is insane. The OgyMogy spy app can help in a great way as the app is practically a phone call recording app. The call recording feature let the user know about the incoming outgoing phone call. Not just that you can even listen to the content as well by utilizing the call recording feature.

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Know About How They are Doing

The app lets you know how well your kid is doing at school or anywhere else. The mic bug feature let you get insights about the random discussion with strangers or school friends

Check Their Diaries

Don’t know about your kids but my kid is always writing journals and all on his tablet and cellphone. The OgyMogy spy app lets the parents get into the digital entries of the kid. You can know about all the keypad-related activities by using the keylogging feature.

Monitor if They are Searching Triggering Stuff:

Another big hurdle that parents had to go through is the internet and raw content present on the web. The app offers a track internet browsing history feature that let the parents know about the online search history of the kid. You can know if they are searching for any triggering stuff or if they are going through a tough patch.

Get Into the Private Chatbox:

The screen had made things easy for this generation as they can simply hide behind a fake name or fake id. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the inbox of the kids and protect them from insane and weird people. Know if they are receiving any sort of threatening or bullying message and take action right away.

Social Media is the Big Enemy.

Many friends in our circle deactivated their social media platforms and accounts just because they are receiving so many messages on them. Anyway, I was worried about it so I got the OgyMogy spy app as they offer so many social media monitoring features. The list includes the Facebook spy app, Line spy app, WhatsApp spy app, and more. The feature let the user keep an eye on all the newsfeed activities of social media accounts. You can track who is leaving weird comments on your kid’s posts and who is positive about it. Keep track of all of these activities and make sure you protect your kid from all the bullies.

Make sure to give your child a healthy environment with the OgyMogy spy app.

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