How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers

An estimated 80% of drivers confessed that they had driven aggressively. Humans remain susceptible to mood changes and can instantly go from joy to road rage. Since driving remains a privilege, not a right, the …

Aggressive Drivers

An estimated 80% of drivers confessed that they had driven aggressively. Humans remain susceptible to mood changes and can instantly go from joy to road rage. Since driving remains a privilege, not a right, the Department of Motor Vehicles and highway patrol expect drivers to control their emotions while driving. 

Even though the road might look empty, you can’t predict if a pedestrian will emerge suddenly or wildlife will dart across the street in front of you.  Thus, people should avoid aggressive drivingThe population understands that emergencies can occur without warning. However, it’s not a reason to put others in danger. Several alternatives to getting behind the wheel exist if you cannot control your emotions.

For example, take a rideshare ride, call a cab, or use technology to deal with the situation. Sometimes you’ll find yourself near an aggressive driver, and it’s an unpleasant situation. First and foremost, avoid matching the driver’s behavior since it can put more people in danger. Instead, let’s take a look at how to deal with aggressive drivers.

Change Lanes

Aggressive drivers usually try to create a path on the road for themselves. They’ll tailgate vehicles in front of them so the driver will move out of their way. You don’t know why the driver has decided to engage in this behavior. Instead of guessing why, change lanes. Allow them to have a path.  If you keep the driver behind you, you risk making them more irate. Plus, it puts more people in danger.  Changing lanes helps you move on from the situation faster. Then, you can safely arrive at your destination.  Sometimes you can’t avoid getting swept up in a vehicle collision. If you need legal car accident guidance, contact the team at JT Legal Group.

Let Them Pass You

After changing lanes, let the drivers pass you. Avoid acknowledging their behavior and keep your eyes on the road. The sooner they pass you, the faster you can move on from the experience.  It only takes a few seconds to change lanes and to let them pass you. Congested traffic conditions can make changing lanes and letting the driver pass challenging. Therefore, move when a natural opening occurs. Don’t force it. Otherwise, it might create a worse situation. 

Don’t Take It Personally

More people report experiencing stress, especially after the lockdowns of 2020. Plus, economic concerns have made things worse.Instead of letting the situation ruin your way, don’t let the aggressive driver’s behavior take away your joy. When the driver finally passes you, don’t take it personally. They rarely care about the other drivers. Most likely, they remain focused on themselves.

Assess the Situation

Drivers must continually assess road and traffic conditions. Thus, remember to evaluate the situation. You’re looking for hazards in front of your vehicle. Also, remain aware of what’s happening on both sides of your car. If you must pull over to the side of the road, do it.

Alert Highway Patrol

Pulling over to the side of the road indicates that the situation is out of hand – it’s OK to become the bigger person. Since you are safely off the road, alert the highway patrol. Most people don’t leave home without their cell phones, so put them to use. The aggressive driver might need help, and the highway patrol can provide it. Some drivers don’t realize that they have started to engage in dangerous driving behavior. Therefore, they need some moments to cool down. Getting pulled over by highway patrol will bring the driver back down to Earth. 

Change Your Route

Sometimes the only way to lose an aggressive driver is to change your route. Pull into a parking lot or make a right or left turn. Ideally, the other driver will continue driving straight. Then, find your way back onto your original route or take the alternate one to your destination.  Your goal is to remove yourself from the situation. 

Avoid Using Your Horn

Most strategies for dealing with aggressive drivers focus on avoiding making them more irate. Therefore, avoid using your horn. Manufacturers added horns to cars as an emergency tool. It helps you scare wildlife away from the road or warn other drivers of impending trouble.  Using your horn might set off a different driver who interprets it as aggressive behavior from you. 


Humans experience highs and lows; sometimes they take their moods on their road. If you spot an aggressive driver on your tail, remove yourself from the situation. Avoid making it worse. Before you know it, it will pass, and you can continue your day.

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