10 Best iPhone Accessories Recommended by Apple Phone Repair Store in Land O Lakes

Type two words ‘iPhone accessories’ on the search bar of any E-commerce platform, it’ll drop the list of thousands of available products for sale. A long list of available features simply confuses you in making …

iPhone Accessories

Type two words ‘iPhone accessories’ on the search bar of any E-commerce platform, it’ll drop the list of thousands of available products for sale. A long list of available features simply confuses you in making a choice. Since Apple Inc. is a trend setter in the mobile phone technology, so for iPhone users the priorities regarding phone accessories also become different. The reason is, if you pair your high quality cell phone with low quality cheaper accessories, they result in providing a below average experience. This is why Repair Save Gadget, the Apple phone repair store in Land O’Lakes suggests iPhone users to choose best quality accessories for their cell phones. 

iPhone Accessories that make its use a Little Better 

When you have chosen one of the best cell phones, then its accessories must be compatible with it. Making an impulsive decision just seeing low cost is not a good idea. This is why the Apple phone repair store in Land O’Lakes recommends choosing accessories that may help your device work efficiently. Here is a list of few iPhone accessories which help enhance the user experience:

Apple Air Tag

Apple air tag is one of the latest Apple Inc. accessories, which is an easy way to locate your products. You just have to attach it with the things that you use every day. If you are a very busy person and are inclined to forget things, then this product is rightly meant for you. Let alone businessmen or workaholics, even a housewife needs such a cell phone accessory that may save her from the hassle of finding her cabinet keys or lost clutch.

The phone repair stores study says this clever gadget makes your important things tracking very easy, keeping all processes encrypted. You can also make it personalized with multiple emoji, text, initials and numbers with the help of its engraving option. Just tag it with your car keys, wallet or handbag and it sends Bluetooth signals to Find My Network to help locate your lost things. 

Apple AirPods

Apple air pods perfectly match with the iPhone, offering fine quality sound during phone calling and also while listening to music. These accessories are very useful during drives and also when you are too busy to attend calls.

If you are on some job or handle a business that involves long duration calling, then these gadgets are best options for you. These accessories prove to be very good travel partners as well. Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods are really affordable, but if you want to enjoy the wireless charging, more durability and exclusive audio, then cell phone repair centers suggest you to go for improved features, which are available in 3rd Generation AirPods or in AirPods Pro.

Apple MagSafe Charger

This accessory offers two comforts at a time; wireless charging and fastest charging. If you are a user of iPhone 12 series, then choose Apple MagSafe Charger, as this is a very supportive iPhone accessory. Being an Apple user, you would be familiar with the iPhone built-in magnets, which allow compatible accessories to stick to the device.

This charger has perfectly aligned magnets, which seamlessly get attached to your cell phone’s back. According to electronics repair services in Land O’Lakes, ordinary wireless chargers usually take one and a half hours for charging an iPhone while these chargers are quick enough and charge your devices half an hour before. 

MagSafe Duo Charger

This is an improved version of iPhone chargers, which can be easily folded. Carrying a phone charger with you is something that causes trouble. You have to make proper space for keeping the charger, so that it may not get damaged. This foldable accessory saves you from its packing problem.

If you are a frequent traveler, then this accessory best suits you. It gets folded in half, so it is easy to slip in any pocket of your travel bag. Furthermore, the cell phone repair stores recommend this charger to iPhone users, because it can also charge the Apple watch on its side or face-up. Not just this, the accessory comes with USB-C-to-Lightning Cable. 


This is a sort of healthcare program for your iPhone. It is basically an extended warranty that is purchased depending on your phone model. After getting enrolled in this program you get two additional years for the coverage of hardware and software manufacturing defects, battery problems, and accidental damage coverage.

No doubt, iPhones have made milestones in reliability, but it is not like they do not need these repairs. This is why Apple phone repair centers in Land O’Lakes suggest iPhone users to be proactive about their phones’ care. This is an outstanding offer of Apple Company that is worth purchasing, as it adds value to your iPhone.  

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