What renovations add the most value to an apartment?

Do I need to do apartment renovation before selling, and is it worth spending a lot of money on it? Are there options to raise the price of housing? We only talk about the topical …

Do I need to do apartment renovation before selling, and is it worth spending a lot of money on it? Are there options to raise the price of housing? We only talk about the topical and important, are you with us?

When is a repair needed, and how should it be?

Before investing in repair work, the apartment requires an audit.

Literally, everything matters – its layout, condition, location, terms of sale and even the interior design for an apartment.

The options are:

  • If there are no problems, and the room looks decent, you can limit yourself to general cleaning.
  • With an untidy appearance, it is permissible to carry out budget repairs. Capital works – an unequivocal “no”, they will not pay off even at an increased price.

People, by and large, need walls, not new wallpaper and parquet, and they love to remake a new apartment for themselves. That is why it makes no sense to repair expensively even good premises, not to mention the “dead” ones. The exception is investment objects in new buildings, which are constantly growing in price with help of renovation services and can be quickly sold.

In general, repairs do not affect the value, but only make it possible to sell the property faster.

Rules for inexpensive repairs.

So, it is desirable to repair the area (meaning light cosmetics), but try to reduce the total amount of investments.

To do this, it is worth abandoning major changes and making a list of works, including:

  • replacement of wall and ceiling finishes;
  • laying laminate or linoleum;
  • replacement of switches and sockets.

This is the minimum required. In addition, a discreet decorative finish is a definite plus. Neutral colors are preferable: white or any shades of beige that go well with different styles and interior items. But in case of poor condition of the walls, it is not recommended to carry out even cladding – it is enough to level and prepare the surfaces for cladding.

What should not be done, even for the purpose of improving housing, is redevelopment, including the dismantling of partitions, load-bearing walls and wet areas.

In practice, buyers pay more attention to the presence of an antenna, the condition of plumbing equipment, air cleaners, heating, water supply and other important communications. Therefore, it is possible to repair faucets, adjust the functionality of sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and plumbing equipment. Outwardly, living spaces with solid doors also look more expensive. These details can partly increase the value of housing and affect its value.

Another equally important question is whether it is worth doing the finishing and troubleshooting on your own? Of course, with a great desire and the presence of professional skills, it is possible to carry out what was planned within the limits of 300-400 thousand rubles. However, one must be prepared for the fact that the time spent will never pay off.

On the other hand, by ordering a refurbishment and repairing some faults from a reliable company, you can carry out repairs quickly, get a good result and raise the price of a property higher (due to aligned walls, floors and neat repairs).

Does the apartment need furniture?

The successful sale of housing largely depends on the demand determined by its category. Recently, it is considered normal to sell housing with a complete set of furniture.

This means that along with the walls and communications, the property of the new owners may include:

  • furnished entrance hall;
  • plumbing equipment;
  • built-in kitchen set;
  • dining chairs and table;
  • lighting fixtures (chandeliers, light bulbs) and much more.

Less often, old owners leave household appliances, especially if they are expensive equipment.

This happens not by chance – in the secondary real estate market, equipped residential premises account for up to 75% of all offers, which shows that they are in high demand. In fact, the contingent that has an interest in such objects is very different.

Some make investments in housing in this way, and then rent it out. Often the purchase is associated with a divorce or departure of adult children, young families with parents, when the main thing is acceptable living conditions, and not the situation. Sometimes the buyer does not want to make repairs on his own, and he needs a room that is completely ready for living. These motives are clear, but what is the reason for the seller to put up for sale an apartment with furniture?

Such actions are not at all meaningless – the furnished living space is priced higher, but not as much as the owner would like, unless it is a premium secondary housing, which was worked on not only by repairmen, but also by an experienced designer.



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