Tips to Help Your Gas Furnace Work Better

Few people realize that Goodman furnaces efficiency, extending the life of your furnace, and saving money all go hand in hand. Your furnace, like your car or any other machine, is subject to wear and …

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Few people realize that Goodman furnaces efficiency, extending the life of your furnace, and saving money all go hand in hand.

Your furnace, like your car or any other machine, is subject to wear and strain, and the less it is subjected to, the longer it will survive. Not only can using your furnace efficiently save you money on your monthly gas bill, but it will also save wear and tear on your furnace. You won’t have to replace your furnace as often if it lasts longer. You’ll save money twice if you follow the advice below.

None of these suggestions are difficult, but they must be implemented, just like getting exercise or flossing.

  • Make Sure that Furnace Filter Is in Good Working Order

The furnace filter’s job is to keep dust and hair from clogging up your furnace. However, after a period of time, the filter becomes clogged with particles. Your furnace will then have to work harder to move air through the densely packed filter, putting additional strain on it.

The frequency with which you should update your filter is determined by a variety of factors. The frequency with which you clean, whether or not you have pets, and whether or not you have recently renovated can all make a difference. Check the filter for debris once a month as a decent rule of thumb. If hair or dust can be seen on the surface, the filter should be replaced or washed.

  • Use a Thermostat That Can Be Programmed

It’s still incredible how few Canadians utilize programmable thermostats: only 50% in 2006. They’re one of the most effective ways to save your monthly gas expenditure, and they usually pay for themselves in less than a year. They also help your furnace last longer.

A simple 5-day/2-day programmable thermostat is inexpensive and allows you to set up a schedule for weekdays and weekends that lowers the temperature when you’re not at home or sleeping.

  • Ensure That All Furnace Registers Are Open and Debris-Free.

A furnace must be able to circulate air freely around your home to function properly. Check to see if any of your registers are blocked by furniture or if the cover is dusty. When buying decorative registers, keep in mind that while they look wonderful, they can hinder air flow by up to 50%.

  • Keep the Area Around the Furnace Free of Obstructions.

The majority of furnaces are maintained in the basement by electricians, which is also where we like to keep excess goods. It’s critical to keep a three- to five-foot clearance area surrounding your furnace free of stored goods. Because there is a burning gas in the furnace, this is a safety concern. However, because air can circulate freely, it helps the furnace work more smoothly.

  • Curtains are a Fantastic Way to Save Money on Energy

Using your curtains strategically can help you save money on your energy bill. You can avoid heat loss to the chilly outdoors by closing them at night.

Opening them on south or west-facing windows during the day allows warm sunlight to enter and heat the interior of your home, much like a car parked in a parking lot. Even during the day, attempt to keep any north windows closed.

  • Furnace Tune-Ups Should Be Done Regularly

To keep your HVAC Lennox furnaces functioning at peak efficiency, have it inspected and adjusted up at least once a year. One malfunctioning item might put a pressure on the remainder of the system, causing it to fail suddenly. More information on the advantages of furnace tune-ups can be found here.

  • Make Use of Ceiling Fans in Furnace

Although it may seem strange to use a fan in the winter, they can help to balance out the temperature of your air. Heat rises naturally and condenses near the ceiling. In rooms with vaulted ceilings, running your ceiling fan on low to drive the hot air down to the floor works very effectively.

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