Tips For Picking the Best Lenticular Printing Services

We often see advertisement displays along pathways, retail outlets, storefronts and even highways, and as these advertisements get bigger and better, it gets challenging for people to notice what the other brand wants to say. …

We often see advertisement displays along pathways, retail outlets, storefronts and even highways, and as these advertisements get bigger and better, it gets challenging for people to notice what the other brand wants to say. As a solution, businesses are increasingly turning to more unique forms of advertising, such as lenticular printing, to gain a competitive advantage and attract more potential customers.

What is Lenticular Printing?

Lenticular printing creates printed images with the illusion of depth or motion by combining carefully prepared graphics and lenticular lenses. Lenticular lenses are composed of repeating rows of convex lenses (lenticules) on the front surface of the material and a flat surface on the backside of the material that can be directly printed on or have a pre-printed graphic mounted to it.

“Interlacing” is the term for the process of preparing graphics for use with a lenticular lens. Interlaced images are formed of recurring slices of numerous images, which can be multiple viewpoints of one scene in 3D or multiple frames of an animate or multi-image sequence. The interlaced picture is then print in registration to the lenticular lens, and when viewed from various angles, it can provide a variety of visual effects.

Tips For Picking the Best Lenticular Printing Service for Your Business

Lenticular prints are quite different from traditional printing as they give a fascinating dimension by introducing motion or varied perspectives when viewed from different angles. A lenticular specialist can help you create unique commercials that will draw more eyeballs while also telling an engaging and instructive story about your company.

Finding a trained and experienced lenticular printing professional, on the other hand, can be difficult. So, to assist you in finding a lenticular expert who can fulfil your needs, we’ve put up a list of the top five things to look for when hiring one.

Find a Service Provider

Numerous online promoters who function as print brokers rather than manufacturers offer lenticular printing services. This might create a barrier between a client and a manufacturer, resulting in a bad product. Consider working directly with the manufacturer, who can better assess the source art and discuss the lenticular specialty production’s restrictions and possibilities.

Ensure to Get the Specifications Before Finalizing

APET, PET, PETG, polystyrene, acrylic, and other types of lenticular lenses are available in various formats, resolutions, and resins. All of these factors influence the end outcome and performance. The lens you choose should be tailore to optimize the final representation of your source material, and you should be clear about your concept constraints with the lenticular medium before starting this procedure. Get the entire details on the sorts of lenses the manufacturer employs, as well as their pricing, before hiring a specialist.

Someone Who Can Produce a Physical Mockup

Make sure you acquire a complimentary physical mockup of your concept from your supplier. This will allow you to see how the finished work will look and provide suggestions for improvements to achieve the desired impact. Although many specialists offer virtual proofs such as GIFs and other formats, these examples cannot accurately simulate the final outcome. Color matching, contrast, branding, ghosting, and viewing angle constraints are not taken into account. You should not approve the production of final prints based solely on soft proof. If the seller does not provide a physical prototype within a few days, you should be wary about cooperating with them.

Don’t Get Caught in the Process and Technology

Don’t get too wrap up in the method and technology that went into preparing your project. An experienced lenticular specialist will choose the instruments required for the project. While your vendor should have access to all of this equipment and employ the best one for your application, it can be direct printing on the substrate using a digital flatbed printer, a litho press, or the conventional photographic approach. If the vendor does not have all of those tools, your project is unlikely to be optimize.

Transparency is of Utmost Importance

Before you conduct business with a partner or vendor, be sure they are transparent and offer all relevant information. If the process appears to be too simple and straightforward, you may be working with a shoddy firm, putting you, your colleagues, and your clients at risk.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

While lenticular printing won’t cost you more than any other printing technique, you must keep your marketing budget in mind in order to expand your business reach. It is important for you to consider multiple quotes and not be dependent on just a single one, as you won’t have a choice to switch once you make the commitment. So, make sure you take a wise decision after conducting thorough research to find the best¬†3D lenticular printing¬†services.

With the help of these tips and all the other information you got to know about lenticular printing, we are sure finding the best service provider for your business won’t be as challenging as it looked previously. If you have any further questions and want to discuss more, kindly contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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