Quick Tips Regarding Personal Loan for Government Employees

What do you do when you find yourself in a financial pickle? Well, most people prefer to get a personal loan and get out of a financial crisis. Even the government employees in India may …

personal loan for government employees

What do you do when you find yourself in a financial pickle? Well, most people prefer to get a personal loan and get out of a financial crisis. Even the government employees in India may find themselves in a financial pickle. For example, consider a government employee has to purchase a piece of land which costs much more than the monthly salary. In such a case, a government employee will apply for a personal loan to buy a piece of land. Personal loan for government employees can be obtained from many loan providers in our country. Read on to know seven tips regarding personal loans for government employees in India.

1. Get your documents in one place

When you apply for a personal loan, the lender asks for several documents to cross-check your identity. Lenders also need some documents to check your repayment capacity before offering a loan. Make sure you have all the documents in place for applying for a personal loan. Personal loans applications are often rejected due to a lack of documents. Some documents you need to produce for getting a personal loan in India are:

  • Government employees can be asked to show their salary slips for the previous months.
  • You have to submit documents that act as ID proof and address proof for getting a loan. Lenders ask for an Aadhar card, PAN card, and other ID proofs for offering a personal loan.
  • Government employees have to show their recent bank account statement for acquiring a personal loan in India.


2. Know about the interest rates

For each EMI of the personal loan, you will have to pay some interest charges. As a responsible customer, you should be aware of the interest charges on personal loans. Government employees should compare the interest rates of different loan providers before submitting their applications. It will help them to choose a lender that applies lower interest charges. If government employees go for a lender with a high-interest rate, they might end up paying a hefty interest charge at the end of the loan tenure. Interest rates for personal loans in India can range anywhere between 12% and 30%.

3. Choose a flexible repayment structure

You don’t want to choose a repayment structure that you cannot honour. Government employees should consider their monthly salary and bills before choosing the repayment structure. If you choose a shorter loan tenure, you will end up paying fewer interest charges. However, if you do not have the repayment capacity to close the loan quickly, go for a longer tenure. Government employees can get instant personal loans via a digital lending platform along with choosing their repayment structure. Many digital lenders offer the flexibility to government employees to choose their repayment structure and loan tenure.

4. Meet the eligibility criteria to get approved faster

Every lender has some eligibility requirements for government employees. If government employees fail to meet the eligibility criteria, their loan applications can be rejected. If you want to get your loan application approved quickly, you need to consider the eligibility requirements. The general loan eligibility requirements for government employees in India are as follows:

  • Government employees should be aged between 21 and 55 years to get a loan easily.
  • You need to have a minimum monthly salary of INR 15,000 as a government employee to get a personal loan.
  • You must be a government employee and an Indian resident to get a personal loan.

5. Check your credit score and report before submitting your loan application

Government employees need to have a good credit score and history to get a personal loan. Often, the personal loan amount depends on your credit history. If you haven’t paid your loan dues in the past, you might not get a hefty loan. When your credit score is low, lenders may decline your loan application or offer a small loan amount. If you have any pending loan instalment, credit card bill, or any other bill, complete it before applying for a new loan. Your creditworthiness is the key to getting a personal loan quickly in India.

6. Select a reliable online lending platform

Traditional banks have a lengthy process to offer a personal loan. Government employees may have to wait for days to get their loan applications approved. Not to forget, you also have to stand in queues for getting a personal loan as a government employee. With an online lending platform, you can submit your loan application without stepping out of your house. Also, You can check the loan updates online without visiting any bank branch.

7. Go for quick disbursal

Consider the disbursal time before choosing a lender for a personal loan. Also, You may find yourself in a situation where you need a loan instantly. Choose a digital lending firm to get instant personal loan!

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