List of the 25 Best College Problem-Solution Essay Topics

When we talk about writing an essay in general that’s another thing, however, when we switch it to different categories and forms, it gets quite tricky. And the most fun part about composing it is …

When we talk about writing an essay in general that’s another thing, however, when we switch it to different categories and forms, it gets quite tricky. And the most fun part about composing it is that you get to read a lot of new things, facts, and figures. But you still have to go through the process of choosing the topic because there are several other issues too, that might need addressing.

What is Problem-Solution Essay?

If you are having a hard time deciding what to choose, you better start with problem-solution essays. This is the kind where you state a problem and then propose different solutions for that problem. The main advantage of writing a problem-solution essay is that you can use it to tackle any situation more wisely.

Another interesting thing about this type of essay is that we construct it by addressing existing problems. You just don’t make a problem yourself, instead, you take elements from the society and use them in your essay. Although, you might need to conduct a good research in order to selecting your topic for the essay. therefor, to save you some time we are here for your rescue.

Topics for Problem-Solution Essays!

Below we are about to list down 50 topics, which you can use as Problem-Solution essays for your college assignment. You can take online help and search about it. We’d suggest checking out the work of professional writers. For instance, Essay writing in Canada is taken pretty seriously. They must have some valuable information about it.

Once you select and understand the topic, things get easier, because you have the context and you just need to create content and place it respectively. You are good to go!

The increasing ratio of sexual abuse —- how to prevent it? Especially in schools or the workplace 


  • Strict law enforcement against offenders
  • Authorities should keep a tab on Security enforcement
  • A complete background check of new hiring just to keep up with the safety measures.

What is the reason behind domestic violence and how can we stop it? 


  • It’s about time that we start educating our women and not only them but men also. They both need to understand what’s at stake here.
  • There should be a discussion about the mobile app development impact of domestic violence on children.
  • Counseling organizations might help in the cause too.

Suicide is one of the serious issues globally. What can we do to decrease the number of suicide attempts?


  • We need to talk about the obstacles that prevent people from getting basic help.
  • Social pressure plays a prominent part in most suicidal attempts and we might need to address that.
  • Roles of different institutions in this matter. We need to start teaching it as a subject in our classes.

Long-term unemployment and its effect on mental health?


  • We should introduce programs on local levels to talk about long-term unemployment.
  • Is there any need for laws and policies by the federal government to avoid this issue?
  • How can we stop young individuals from depression from not getting a deserved job?
  • How can we implement the new plans for creating new job markets?
  • Government should encourage corporations to for opening new markets.

The increasing rate of child labor is alarming. Is this the problem existing only in 3rd world countries or are we just seeing the surface? 


  • What laws should the world government should impose that can address child labor?
  • Can trade policies assist to address the problem? If so, what sort of policies should it rectify?
  • Do companies exploit child labor worldwide or is it just happening in underdeveloped countries? What do you personally suggest to stop that? Moreover, should government hold these companies accountable and charge them with penalties?

Climate change — An alarming situation!


  • Are there any policies that the government should pass to address climate change?
  • Can we use trade policies to address the situation? If yes, pour in suggestions!
  • What role does foreign policy play in this whole scenario? Should we continue to work with countries that are the reason for heavy pollution globally? If so then how?
  • What is a green technology and how can we use it as an alternative to fuel to reduce pollution?
  • What role do grassroots organizations play to push for a change in policies? Whom should we target for such movements?

The reason behind the increasing rate of obesity and what should we do to slow it down?


  • How do confront doctors who over-prescribe opioids to their patients and do authorities need to charge them with severe penalties?
  • Pharmacies need to be more attentive toward prescriptions.
  • There should be a limited production of specific opioids.
  • Should Narcan need to be available in schools, homes, and public facilities?

How does lack of attention affect children? How to stop doing that?


  • It affects your kids when you are not mentally present so make sure your job allows you to keep your focus on kids too.
  • Going to the games with your kids and supporting their efforts can help a lot.
  • Be more attentive towards them so they don’t feel left out.

Problem of favoritism


  • Unfortunately, this happens a lot in households when parents do not treat their kids equally and show favoritism towards a specific kid.
  • Parents should treat everyone equally and shouldn’t be biased because they are the ones who bought them in this world.

Lack of understanding in the family.


  • Lack of understanding creates lots of conflicts between the members of a family.
  • They need to communicate more to avoid conflicts.
  • If direct communication is the cause of arguments they should seek therapy for anger management.
  • Each person in the house needs to develop a healthy understanding to get this thing through their heads so that everyone can have his or her opinion.

Lack of responsibility as a citizen 


  • Being a citizen of a reputable city, we must need to be responsible for our actions. But certainly, most of us are not.
  • We need to work hard to become the best version of ourselves.
  • We should avoid neglecting basic responsibilities and play our part to make this city and the world a better place.

Global warming — is the most alarming situation 


  • We should pass effective laws to curb emissions.
  • Limitation of destructive human activities that are most likely to change the ecosystem.
  • Raising awareness about global warming.

Deforestation affects the environment 


  • People should know the importance of forests, hence, they need to be educated on certain topics.
  • Work on initiatives to encourage planting more trees.
  • Create more allowance for forest reserves.

Air pollution 


  • We needed to address this long ago because it’s been so long since we last inhale fresh breath.
  • Residential areas shouldn’t be built anywhere near industrial areas.
  • Apart from burning the waste, we need to find other options.
  • We should promote the use of bio-energy rather than fossil fuels.

Water pollution 


  • Just air pollution water pollution is other situations that we need to be concerned about. What are the best ways to disinfect water?
  • Do we have to dispose of industrial waste properly?
  • We should protect major sources of drinking water.

Increasing levels of heart diseases 


  • We should conduct aware about heart disease quite often.
  • Daily exercise and meditation can add extra numbers to your life.
  • Make sure you get yourself check now and then, especially if you are a heart patient.

Increasing levels of gastric ulcer 


  • You should see a doctor at the early stages.
  • Stop eating spicy food, cut them down completely.
  • Don’t diet or skip meals.

Why society think that mental health issues are taboo? What should we do to stop it from being taboo?


  • Just like people need to be aware of physical health, they should need exposure to mental health issues too.
  • To remove the stigma around it we need to normalize talking about it on public forums.
  • We should take Mental health struggles seriously.

How can we reduce the academic burden?


  • We should allow students to use homework writing services in Canada as academic assistance.
  • Apart from that, professional help can help a lot to reduce the burden.
  • We need to stop forcing students to secure great grades each time and start listening to them.

How to fight corruption?


  • Fighting corruption is as difficult as fighting a battle, but with the right amount of knowledge, we can make that happen.
  • We need to tighten the procedure of electing a leader.
  • No one can over-rule enforcement of penalties for offenders.

Lack of leadership qualities


  • Authorities should provide training for aspiring leaders and politicians.
  • Constitutional requirements and how to follow them thoroughly.

Lack of participation at grassroots levels


  • The concept of civic-mindedness in schools.
  • We should raise awareness about the participation of the masses.

How do deal with the money laundering problem?


  • Enforcement of High maintenance privacy among individuals.
  • Can government impose formal anti-money laundering policies? If so, how?
  • Awareness about money laundering.

Broadcasting false news in the name of freedom of speech


  • Authorities should impose Restriction laws on any media channel that tries to broadcast false news and with high penalties.
  • Government agencies shouldn’t hand over quality control to media houses alone.

How to deal with cyber-bullying?


  • Cyber-bullying is pretty much a serious issue and we shouldn’t take it lightly.
  • Government should ban accounts that are being used for cyber-bullying and impose severe punishment along with high penalties against the people behind all of this.
  • It’s high time that we need to declare it a legal crime.


Writing such essays on a college level is more than just an academic task. It helps students to understand the issues, the society faces, and the most important thing it makes them understand who is behind these issues.

You can use these top 25 topics to construct a perfect Problem-Solution essay. But remember one thing, your solutions should be based on facts, otherwise, they would not be authentic. A writer has only one thing to make an impact and that’s his words, so, you need to make sure you are using this power the right way!


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