How To Use Electrosurgicals – A Few Safety Measures

Electrosurgicals are standard electrical equipment mainly used in an operation theatre. It is extremely rare to encounter an incident of accidental energy transfer injury with an electrosurgical. However, when it does, it is crucial to …


Electrosurgicals are standard electrical equipment mainly used in an operation theatre. It is extremely rare to encounter an incident of accidental energy transfer injury with an electrosurgical. However, when it does, it is crucial to review your safety processes and ensure that extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety of both personnel and patients.

This article presents you with safety measures that you can take while handling electrosurgicals instruments without being at risk of a shock, burn or fire hazard.

Inspect Electrosurgicals Thoroughly Before Use

Regardless of how it is used, all equipment should be regularly maintained and tested to ensure excellent performance. Operate on a patient only after all safety inspections have been conducted, and all necessary modifications have been made to the electrosurgical instrument.

Make Sure You Use Your Electrosurgicals Correctly

Using the instructions and precautions for each piece of equipment can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Don’t modify or use generators in ways other than how they were designed.


Take The Time To Learn About Your Electrosurgical Instruments

A surgeon’s skill and care when performing the procedure and that of his or her assistants are critical parts of the treatment. The use of new technologies in the clinical setting should not occur unless physicians have been thoroughly trained and become familiar with this new technology.

Train every operating room worker and visitor to be familiar with the specific procedures for the instruments listed in the operating manual.

There Must Be Smoke Evacuation Systems In OR

Electrosurgical procedures can produce a large amount of smoke, but limiting exposure to these hazardous chemicals is very harmful.

Operating room smoke evacuation systems are crucial for reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous fumes caused by surgery.

Do Not Use Electrosurgicals Near Flammable Chemicals

Most combustible chemicals can be ignited with an electrical current. There is a high probability that the facility will contain a number of common flammable materials. Avoid having them close to the operating room or other equipment at all costs.

Some examples include flammable anaesthetics, alcohol-based skin preps, and oxygen-enriched environments. You should always be on the lookout for any fire hazards.

Avoid Using It Near Electrical Devices

Utmost caution should be taken when pacemakers or pulse generators are present. When electrosurgical equipment is used in conjunction with these devices, it can cause problems that will cause them not to function correctly.

The procedure to be used on a patient with a cardiac condition should be discussed with a cardiology department prior to the surgery being performed.

Safely Distance Yourself From Metal Objects

While undergoing electrosurgical treatment. It is far more likely that the patient or the doctor will come into contact with a grounded object and develop electrosurgical burns as a result of the contact.

Take a close look at all equipment and accessories. To see if any metal components are exposed, and then remove any metal that does not fit properly.

Skin-To-Skin Contact Should Be Avoided Whenever Possible

In elective surgical procedures, alternate-site burns may be produced when an accidental skin contact prevents the return line of the electrode from being passed out from the surgical site.

As a precaution, the patient should be positioned such that the return electrode route can be clearly viewed while the return electrode is receiving a current. This problem can be avoided with the help of a contact detection technique installed in the generators manufactured nowadays.

Use The Electrosurgicals While Concentrating On What You Are Doing

An oblivious surgical crew and patient can both suffer burn injuries from overlooking details during surgery. An insulated container should always be used to store the electrode tip during the operation.

In order to find out if there are any metal objects or other potentially hazardous. Objects in the area around the patient, you should inspect the area around them. The gadget is not meant for use when you put it too close to the tissue, as you may receive an electric shock if you do. Providing adequate training and practical knowledge to technicians makes it possible to avoid electrosurgical injuries and complications. Having trained, competent, and experienced staff on hand is imperative to ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you.

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