How To Feel Satisfied and happy In Life

 Feeling fulfilled and satisfied with our lives is what we strive for. Today happiness and life satisfaction are key research areas in mainstream economics and social sciences. Many cross-country surveys are carried out to gauge …

 Feeling fulfilled and satisfied with our lives is what we strive for. Today happiness and life satisfaction are key research areas in mainstream economics and social sciences. Many cross-country surveys are carried out to gauge the happiness and satisfaction quotients across the globe. The 2006 Satisfaction Index international rankings ranked Denmark at numero uno position. This data was further bolstered by the 2016 Gallop World Poll wherein Nordic countries topped the list of countries living the best possible life. 

So folks, what is it that helps us lead happier and satisfied lives? Are there any ways in which we can feel more fulfilled in life? We endeavor to give you some tips to lead more content lives through this post. Let’s take a look. 

 Alter your routine

Our well-being and productivity are connected with spending our time throughout the day. Feelings of satisfaction come with leading a more disciplined daily life. Taking time out for exercise, eating well, and resting enough empowers us to enhance our well-being and productivity. This improves our physical health and also our mental well-being.

You can also add to go to peaceful places like personal retreat centres where you can achieve great peace of mind and also see the amazing stillness of nature .

 Focus on positivity

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We as humans tend to dwell upon things that could go wrong. We ruminate on our past mistakes and what could have been done. This leads to negativity and feelings of anxiousness. Instead, we advise you to focus on all the good things in life. You could try mindfulness meditation to ward off negative thoughts and feelings. For every negative perception, force yourself to find positivity. Over some time, this learned behavior can help you gain a more positive outlook towards life. 

 Build more social connections

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Humans are wired to live and thrive through social interactions. People who have strong social bonds and relationships tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives. Relationships form the crux of happiness. Satisfying relationships are linked to better health and longevity.

Our emotions are primarily affected by the state of our interpersonal relationships and social bonds. Positive relationships reinforce feelings of contentment and calm in our lives. But non-existent or strained relationships make us feel lonely, sad, or depressed. Hence, we must build more meaningful and long-lasting friendships for a more content and happy life.

Know how to relieve stress

Stress is omnipresent in our day-to-day lives. You have to juggle multiple responsibilities regularly. Attending work, childcare, household responsibilities, and bills can naturally overwhelm you. If you cannot find ways to combat your stressors, it may lead to physical and mental health issues. This may reduce your quality of life and feelings of contentment in life. Hence, it is necessary to find ways to destress when things or situations start overwhelming you.  

You can book a massage or try aromatherapy to destress. Alternatively, even taking a stroll amidst some greenery can uplift your mood and help you relax. It is upon you to find something that relaxes you and relieves your stress.

Learn to empathize

Misunderstandings in relationships are stress factors plaguing our peace of mind. The ability to view things from another individual’s perspective sans any bias is a valuable attribute. During a conversation, listen without any prejudice and with an open mind. Be more rational and wiser towards others’ situations and feelings. This attitude will help you to think more laterally and gain more friends.

Develop Gratitude

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Being thankful for all you have is a foolproof way to boost your satisfaction levels. Researchers claim that practicing gratitude can reduce stress and pain and even bolster the immune system. Moreover, gratitude has a positive impact on our psychological well-being as well. Gratitude enhances our positive emotions and improves self-esteem while making us more optimistic towards life. These physical and psychological parameters eventually increase our well-being and help us lead more satisfying lives.

Set Goals

A life without any goals or vision is a rudderless existence. It is imperative that we set some aspirations and goals in life and achieve them. The Japanese call it Ikigai. This Japanese concept is rooted in the philosophy of doing something and having a sense of purpose in life. Michiko Kumano, a Japanese psychologist, states that devoting yourself to activities that you enjoy brings a sense of well-being and fulfillment.

So, set timely goals and work towards achieving them. To begin with, you can jot down small achievable goals and tick off each one of them as you go about achieving them. Such incremental achievements will keep your spirits buoyant through the days and set the stage for achieving bigger goals in life.

Final Thoughts

Feelings of satisfaction and happiness can mean different things to different people. However, the above checklist offers a broader perspective of things that can help us lead more fulfilled lives. It is upon you to reflect on these philosophies and make necessary amendments to lead fuller lives. 

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