How to choose a kitchen knife.

Without a quality knife, it is quite difficult to cook a delicious dinner for the whole family. In addition, this device helps in the preparation of a festive dinner, while saving time and creating everything …

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Without a quality knife, it is quite difficult to cook a delicious dinner for the whole family. In addition, this device helps in the preparation of a festive dinner, while saving time and creating everything with due convenience. In order to properly organize this process, you need some really high-quality knives. However, it is not immediately possible to answer the question of how to choose a kitchen knife.

Even in ancient times, our ancestors used a kind of modern knives. In addition, it was, perhaps, one of the first tools that our ancestors created in order to simplify the process of cooking for themselves. Now numerous manufacturers make knives from a variety of materials, trying to improve this device.

Therefore, before choosing a good kitchen knife, it is necessary to thoroughly study the properties of the device. Its functionality, and the material from which this or that model is made. The fact is that for each person this or that tool can be differently convenient, so it is necessary to individually approach the choice of a knife.

Which company to prefer

Immediately before buying, many people wonder which brand of the knife to choose. From the whole variety of modern manufacturers, there are several main contenders for the title of the best company that produces the highest quality knives.

Currently, the Japanese are considered the best manufacturers of knives. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a knife, the eye immediately falls on Japanese companies specializing in the manufacture of kitchen appliances. However, there are quite a lot of Japanese firms in the modern world of this kind of activity. So among all the variety, it is also easy to get confused. Often people prefer those firms that are constantly on the hearing, while not suspecting that there are companies that produce knives, but at the same time do not have such large-scale fame. Among all manufacturers, it is worth noting several major companies:

  • Hattori;
  • Kukuichi;
  • Clobal;
  • Masahiro.

If we take European brands, then it is German companies that take the leading positions here, since German quality is known all over the world. The second position is occupied by French manufacturers, and somewhat lower – Italian and Swiss. However, the Japanese are still the undisputed leaders in the production of kitchen appliances, so if you are choosing a knife for your kitchen for the first time, then it is better to give preference to either Japanese or German firms.

What types of knives are

Quite a lot of people are now thinking about which kitchen knife to choose, especially when old appliances that have served for 5 or more years are gradually becoming unusable. After you have decided on the manufacturer, you need to ask yourself. Which knives are better to choose so that it is convenient to cut the ingredients with them while saving time and effort.

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In the modern world, the classification of knives includes such a huge number of concepts and terms that it will be quite difficult for a beginner to navigate. However, several basic types can be distinguished. Among them, there are universal knives with which you can cut absolutely everything, and there are specialized ones that are designed for cutting a certain type of product.

It is much easier to navigate kitchen appliances if you divide them according to the materials of manufacture since it is precisely due to this factor that knives can differ from each other in their functionality.


These knives are a completely new generation, which combines not only beautiful design but also the functionality. The main material used in the manufacture of such knives is molded zirconium powder, melted at high temperatures, and then poured into special molds. This approach to the manufacture of knives not only makes the models visually attractive but also increases their functionality. By its properties, the blade of such a knife is as close as possible to that of a diamond.

In addition, ceramic knives can be of different colors, so you can choose for yourself the design that best suits the interior of your kitchen. Despite the fact that in fact there is not much difference. Some experts still believe that black ceramic knives are several times denser than white ones. Zirconium blades have one important feature – they are incredibly long-lasting, so you won’t have to sharpen them for the next few years.

However, when the time has come to sharpen your knives somewhat. Keep in mind that ceramic knives require a special approach, so it is not recommended to sharpen the blades at home. The best way to sharpen such knives is by grinding on diamond wheels, so for this purpose. It is recommended to take your knife to a specialist who will sharpen the knife without any damage to the blade.


  • ceramic models are not stained with products, and also keep sharpening for quite a long time and do not scratch;
  • blades do not give a “metallic taste”;
  • such models are particularly durable, so you can not be afraid that if you accidentally hook such a knife, any damage will be done to it;
  • such models are distinguished by the fact that they are much sharper than metal ones, and at the same time, they hold sharpening very well.


  • if you accidentally drop the knife, or if you hit it with a point. Such models can easily break, so be careful with ceramic devices;
  • the blades are not particularly flexible.


This type of knife is perhaps the most popular. In addition, consumers have developed more confidence in steel knives, since, in the past, steel was the main material for the manufacture of kitchen utensils.

Basically, not pure steel is used in the production of such knives, but an alloy, which includes iron and carbon. In addition, various alloying components are used to improve the properties of the manufactured knife.

To date, there are a huge number of brands that produce steel knives. However, they, in turn, are divided into several main groups.

Steel knives come in the following varieties:


These models are often the cheapest and have sufficient strength and hardness. It is carbon models that are best sharpened, but their resistance to corrosion is rather weak. Carbon knives are more demanding on storage conditions because if they are violated. They can quickly become rusty and become unusable. However, such models are quite popular, since the affordable price, along with the general functionality, attracts a large number of buyers. In addition, such models are most familiar. Since they have not deviated much from their predecessors in terms of their properties.


Such knives are made of stainless steel, so they do not require special attention in terms of storage conditions. You can simply leave them on a special stand on the kitchen table and periodically sharpen and clean them. Keep in mind that these models dull much faster than carbon ones, so you will need to take time to sharpen them periodically. However, such devices are practical “not killed”, that is, they definitely will not suffer from corrosion.

High carbon stainless.

Such knives are often universal, so they can cut everything from butter to smoked sausage. They combine the advantages of previous models and do not have their shortcomings. In fact, it is these knives that can be called ideal helpers in the kitchen. However, be prepared that for such quality you will have to pay a little more than for previous models.

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There are so-called forged knives, which are made using technologies close to Damascus steel. Such knives can be easily found among others since their blades have characteristic graceful stains. It is these knives that can be attributed to the premium class since they do not dull, are not subject to corrosion processes, and their blades are very durable and strong. Such models are the most expensive knives of this type.


  • sufficiently durable models that anyone can purchase for themselves due to a relatively affordable price;
  • if the stainless steel is used in the knives, then such models are practically not subject to corrosion processes;
  • even if you have not dealt with knives before, you can, having stuffed your hand, sharpen steel specimens yourself;
  • the cost compared to models made from other materials is quite low.


  • some models get dull pretty quickly, so you have to regularly spend time sharpening;
  • Currently, there are quite a few fakes that do use not the highest quality steel.


Such knives are quite rare in our kitchens, but it is precisely these models that are advertised at almost every step as eternal tools. However, it is the titanium coating that, in many respects. Is significantly inferior not only to ceramic knives but also to steel specimens.

Titanium knives have a special coating. Which in terms of its functionality is in no way more advantageous than steel or ceramic ones. So you will not get anything but an attractive appearance. However, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that such a coating does not leave a characteristic metallic taste. And also has high hygiene. In addition, titanium knives are not subject to corrosion processes and do not react to most acids that can be found in everyday life.


  • such knives are very convenient to use because they are quite light in weight;
  • often retain sharpness for a long time;
  • have proper flexibility and are quite high strength;


  • for their functionality, titanium models are quite expensive.

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