4 Key Highlights of the Global Education Summit Platform!

You can get a lot of features and elements with a global education summit platform. But you have to know your preferences based on your event topic and target audience. It should be an immersive, …

Education Summit Platform

You can get a lot of features and elements with a global education summit platform. But you have to know your preferences based on your event topic and target audience. It should be an immersive, seamless, interactive, communicative, networking, and attractive hybrid summit. Here know about the Education Summit Platform. 

So, you need to know the 4 highlights that can be helpful for your next virtual summit. Hence, here is the list of features you may need for your hybrid event in 2022.

4 Key Highlights of the Global Education Summit Platform!

So, 4 key highlights of the Global education summit platform are as follows:

  1. Attractive Ambiance

The online attendees get an attractive ambiance of the global education summit. They witnessed a virtual space filled with 3D view objects and other users and receptions. Moreover, they felt a proper entry and exploration of the endless possibilities.

Also, the organizers and exhibitors can create such ambiance for their virtual event with the best hybrid summit platform. You can create an enlightening lobby with animated lighting and melodies for the background. Additionally, you can develop and decide on all the infographics for your virtual event. You can place them in the space provided for the dynamic banners.

  1. World Leaders & Delegates Gathered In-Person and Online

Experts and leaders from all around the world gathered and witnessed this virtual global educational summit. Some of them present in person, and others joined via the hybrid summit platform. Moreover, they were just not present at the venue. But interaction and communication were seamless with the proper audio and video call integrations.

You can also develop a seamless interaction in your next virtual event by picking the best virtual event platform. These experts provide global reach and easy login to the event. Moreover, you can remove the hassle of downloading apps or software for the virtual event. Hence, everyone can join it with the browser smoothly.

  1. Seamless Communication Tools

  • Live Chat, Audio, and Video Calls:

Most of the global education summit attendees, exhibitors, and leaders from across the globe were connected online. It was easy to hear and see them as the platform provided an interrupted live chat, audio, and video call option. So, anyone can connect with each other for 1:1 or group discussion during the live summit. Moreover, the best hybrid summit platform provides the best facilities in order to make the communication seamless and virtual event a success. Hence, the global education summit 2021 was a success as it made the interaction immersive for all the participants.

  • External Meeting Integration:

It is essential that you get various integrations for seamless interaction. So, the best hybrid summit platform offers external integrations, such as WhatsApp, Zoom, BlueJeans, and more for easy connection.

  • Engagement Via Emoticons:

During an ongoing session, the audience likes to cheer the experts in different ways. It encourages the speakers, as well as keeps the audiences engaged during the complete sessions. Just like that, you need some actions that can be helpful to make the sessions interactive and engaging for the participants. Hence, the best hybrid summit platform provides heart, like, hoot, clap, and various other emoticons to the users. Moreover, they can share what they feel during the virtual summit using several emojis and other hooting or clapping actions. Also, they can comment on the sessions to get answers for their doubts in between  Unblocked Games 911 .

  1. Immersive Networking Tools

  • Networking Tables:

There were networking tables for easy discussion with the other participants on a similar topic. The experts can share their views and know what others like to share on the same topic. Moreover, everyone has the chattering and calling option to contact each other seamlessly. So, you can get round-networking tables, each with 8 seats available. Also, there can be multiple networking tables, and the organizers can switch between the tables. You can communicate 1:1 or in a group with these networking tables using the chatting, audio, and video calling options.

  • B2b Meeting Scheduler:

In such a hybrid summit platform, you can get various ways to connect with speakers or exhibitors. Just like that, you can get a B2B meeting scheduler that can help you book a meeting with anyone at the virtual event even before the event starts. Moreover, it can be helpful for the participants who want to communicate with the speakers or exhibitors in-person and in advance. So, they have the option to share and get information from the meeting organizer in advance with this B2B meeting scheduler feature.

  • Business Card Exchange:

It is crucial for all the participants to share their business cards with others in such global summits. Moreover, it is easy to do so and increase your contacts in a physical event. But what about the virtual event? How can you network and know more business partners? The business card exchange is the best feature of the top hybrid summit platform for such situations. Moreover, you can request others to share their business card with you and approve the requests you received from others. This way, it is entirely your choice who you want to share your business card with or not.

  • AI Matchmaking Tool:

Making friends and business partners is another thing that is a must for such global education summits. Hence, it is vital to have a networking feature that can help the attendees connect with others. So, the best hybrid summit platform has AI matchmaking tools. It is an artificial intelligence-based element that analyzes the demographic and other information of the users shared at the time of registration. Moreover, it tries to find the common likes between the participants to suggest a list to them to be friends during the virtual event. So, you can easily network and connect with others in a hybrid summit with such AI-based matchmaking tools.

So, these are the various highlights that you can notice at the global education summit. These are the features that you can also consider for your virtual event. Moreover, you can create proper networking, communication, interaction, engagement, ambience, and other points with the best hybrid summit platform.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to get an all-in-one hybrid summit solution for your next event.

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