Kindergarten geography movement: 5 Simple and fun ideas

Kindergarten geography movement: 5 Simple and fun ideas When it comes to capitals and country names, we are often confident when helping our children, but there are challenges when it comes to directions. I wish …


Kindergarten geography movement: 5 Simple and fun ideas

When it comes to capitals and country names, we are often confident when helping our children, but there are challenges when it comes to directions. I wish I had had some fun geography activities in kindergarten that would have kept me from getting lost on my way home as an adult! We all want our children to know that we live in a vast world and that there are many other countries than ours. We would also like them to be able to read a map and travel from point A to point B without coming to a dead-end bridge. So try to fit a simple preschool geography activity into your schedule, so your kids have a good sense of direction. Also Read: Drawing For Kids Easy

5 Simple and fun ideas

Here are five geography activities for kindergarten that Magellan would have loved:

1-Teach him directions with this directional game in your neighborhood

Basic directions are essential for finding your way. That’s why this headset is one of my favorites. This preschool geography activity reinforces left and right, but it also teaches kids to reference landmarks as they try to get to their goal. The activity is pretty simple: inform your kid that you will study your community and that he is in charge. He has to choose which direction you go, but the catch is that he has to lead you home. Before embarking on this expedition, review some directional terms, and if you have a compass, you can incorporate that into the game.

Before exploring your neighborhood, talk about specific landmarks and strategies your child can use to find their way home. Then start walking. Your child will love being the leader and being in control. This is one of those kindergarten geography activities that will sweat you while your child learns valuable life skills. 

2-Get creative with a map of your neighborhood.

Another easy-to-do kindergarten geography activity is to have a map of your neighborhood drawn up. Many of us don’t think of our neighborhood regarding orientation and location. But they are familiar places that can help our children learn geography. This activity only requires a piece of paper and a few crayons. You can teach your child basic concepts such as how to create a legend and talk about scale. You can also introduce standard map features like rivers and roads.

And then you can talk about the purpose of your card. Does the map lead to a particular place? Does it offer a comprehensive overview of your neighborhood? Who should use this card? These questions alone will promote a healthy geographic discussion.

3-Take a car ride playing the license plate game.

There are a few geography activities that I remember my parents doing when I was a kid. One of my favorites was the license plate game. I now realize that this game was a tactic to keep my sisters and me busy and prevent arguments. But it was also an engaging learning experience.

Like most parents, I prefer activities that don’t require a lot of preparation. And the game of license plates falls into this category. It’s easy. Your child tries to find where each license plate comes from (it will take a little help at first). Then, if you’ve ever been to that department yourself, you can spark a conversation about that particular place.

4-Create a Huge Chalk Map

How often do you think about countries’ shape, position, and location? If you’re like me, definitely not a lot. I like activities that encourage children to think about countries other than our own. And what additional practical method to do that than with skill? Since I’m a fan of “easy mode”, all this activity requires is a world map and some chalk.

If you don’t have a world map lying around, you can print out this version for kids. Then tell your child to draw a giant version of the map with chalk on your sidewalk (it will take a little help). You can start directly by drawing continents and then focus on countries. Not only will your child learn valuable geography skills, but local walkers will enjoy his art as well.

5-Maternal geography activity: use puzzles

Many children love puzzles, and for brief periods they quietly assemble pieces of all kinds. I love these puzzles because they require problem-solving skills, but they also give you some quiet time. So why not ask your child to make a puzzle of the world with this printable model (accessible version or more difficult version)? You can also opt for a jigsaw puzzle of France with this printable template from

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