Different ways to style clothes for men to look taller

Style clothes – There are often times when people find blogs about men and different styles that they can try. But, there are no specific blogs for men who want to dress in such a …

Style clothes

Style clothes – There are often times when people find blogs about men and different styles that they can try. But, there are no specific blogs for men who want to dress in such a way that they look taller. Well, there are a lot of styling options that men can try for looking taller and more elegant at the same time. 

You have the perfect height. But if you still wish to wear something that makes you look taller and more stylish, here are some tips for you that you can follow. 

Mentioned here are different types of clothes that you can give a try. These clothing styles would allow you to look taller and pass the kind of vibe that matches your personality. 

Shirts with vertical lines 

Vertical lines should become your best friend in case you are searching for clothes that make you look tall. If you wish to look tall in your clothing style, then you need to ditch the horizontal lines from your closet. 

Try shirts with vertical lines. These would not only make you look taller but also give you a very elegant vibe. 

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Clothes with monochrome colors 

Sticking to one shade of clothing would also be a great way to make yourself look tall. Monochrome colors usually trick other people’s eyes. If you minimize the color palette of the clothes you are wearing, bright colors would not break any sort of seamless line. This would make you look taller. Therefore, stick to a single color t-shirt or shirt. 

Ditch baggy clothes and choose fitted clothes 

This is a very important aspect you should not miss out on. If you want to look taller in your clothing, make sure you realize that it is not possible to pull off baggy clothes and look taller at the same time. Naturally tall people can pull off such loose-fitting and baggy clothes. But for someone with average height, you should be more inclined towards fitted clothes. Fitted clothes will pass on a very confident vibe and would make you look perfect and smart. 

Opt for high-waist or mid-rise pants 

This tip is more about how you can make your legs look taller. If you are looking for clothes that make you look tall, then you need to avoid low-waist bottoms. 

If you opt for mid-rise pants or high-waist pants, you will make your waist appear higher which will automatically increase your height and make you look taller. 

Try out a V-neck t-shirt

Another body part that can make you look taller is your neck. If you frequently wear a crew-neck t-shirt, it’s probably time to switch and try a V-neck t-shirt. If you choose a V-neck over some crewneck, it will make your neckline look elongated as there would be no collar to break the line. This will automatically make you look taller. 

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The long overcoat effect 

Well, this is a very formal and wintery kind of styling and can be tried only during winters. You can try wearing coats that are long enough and touch your knees. Such coats can make you look taller. 

Such coats trick the eyes of the people. When you wear this overcoat, people assume that your other parts are relatively taller. This makes you look tall in this clothing. 

Similar small patterns in your clothing style 

If you opt for smaller patterns on your clothing, it can do wonders for you. For instance, if you wish to add some colors to your outfit, and not go overboard at the same time, then you can add a tie with small patterns to your formal outfit. 

You need to remember that wearing too many small prints can make you look very short because of visual crowding. Therefore, you need to focus on one or two small print clothing options. Do not buy a large number of printed clothes as they will not do justice to your height. 


If you are facing problems with styling your clothes the way through which you look taller, then you do not have to worry! Follow the tips that are mentioned above and you would have the perfect attire and style. The kind that you wish to wear! 

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Buy your clothes accordingly and make yourself look taller!

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