Different Puja room designs that can bring right sense

A Puja room is something that is found in every Indian household. And because of Indian beliefs and culture, people want to keep this place pure and decorated all the time.  You are probably questioning …

puja room designs

A Puja room is something that is found in every Indian household. And because of Indian beliefs and culture, people want to keep this place pure and decorated all the time. 

You are probably questioning the way to make your puja room a unique one. You can use the smallest resources in your house to provide an ornamental look in your puja room.

So, would you not want to turn your puja room right into a beautifully decorated temple? Well, right here are some of the very best yet most stunning Indian-style Puja room designs that will make your puja room perfect! 

Flower decorations for puja room

Since puja room decorations are a must at home, flowers are an excellent manner to provide your puja room with a beautiful look. You could make strings of flowers and grasp them to your puja room in the back of all the idols that are placed. Carnations are used by many people in decorations. They would also look perfect, elegant, and beautiful in your puja room. 

You also can go along with the classic flowers – hibiscus! These flowers are used nearly every day by people to beautify their puja room. You can lay some hibiscus flowers at the pandal (stage) where all your idols can be placed. 

Flowers are a hundred percent eco-friendly and are a fine way to enhance your puja room. They have vibrant hues so they create freshness and joy to the whole surroundings. Yes, you need to constantly change the flowers each day, however, if you want to keep your puja room adorned and exquisite, this is a satisfactory concept!  

Background decorations 

You can turn the background of the puja room, where the idols are placed, into a lovely and innovative background. If you’re seeking out a green idea for the background decoration, opt for drapes. You must be having different and beautiful sarees that you might not use anymore but are in perfect condition. You can put that saree on the background of the idols and put some lighting over it. It will give the appropriate vibe in your puja room. 

You can use long strings of beads and place them at the back of the idols. It will provide aesthetic and exquisite vibes. You can also blend these beads with a few fairy lighting for you to make the background glow and beautify the whole puja room look! 

Paper decorations for puja room

Let’s find out the artist in you. Since green decorations are the trending idea these days and are perfect for the environment, why not use satisfactory assets to enhance the look of your puja room? If you’re innovative enough, cut out some chart papers of vibrant colors, place them together and beautify your puja room with those papers. It will look extraordinarily stunning. 

If you aren’t sure of a way to make these flowers with chart paper, readymade paper flowers are usually an option. These paper flowers and other ornamental materials are available online. 

Lighting decorations for puja room

Well, in case you need a vivid and shining puja room, in place of shopping for glittery materials, move for lighting. You can use plenty of fairy lighting for your puja room to make its appearance beautiful. You can put up colorful fairy lights or those with simply one shade. These lights will add elegance to your puja room. 

This may appear like a totally easy idea but the entire vibe of the fairy lighting fixtures offers the vibe of a divine! 

If you do not want to add the lighting, you can opt for a greater stylish look and use Diyas and candles for the same impact. Diyas’ appearance is tremendous whilst used for decorations. You can place the Diyas around the puja room and light them up. It will appear very pretty and could deliver a classy appearance to the whole puja room. 

Rangoli decorations for puja room

Some people are superb at making rangolis. If you are good at it, why not use these skills to decorate your puja room? You could make beautiful designs of rangoli at exceptional places for your puja room. If you are a person who loves making rangoli, then you can make small and exquisite designs of rangoli inside the puja room.


Puja room is a place that people create at home to worship different Gods every day. People, especially in India, have immense faith and belief in different gods. Therefore, they create a separate place to place the idols.

And at the same time, they wish to get the right vibe in the puja room. So that they feel a sense of belief and faith.

So, decorate your puja room with bits and pieces, and turn it into a beautiful place!

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