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  In private house construction, the gable roof is the most popular roof shape. There are many reasons for this because the roof costs less money compared to other types of roofs and still offers …


In private house construction, the gable roof is the most popular roof shape. There are many reasons for this because the roof costs less money compared to other types of roofs and still offers a high degree of functionality. Many builders, therefore, opt for a gable roof to save money and still benefit from numerous advantages. However, a gable roof also has a few disadvantages. In today’s guide, we will inform you about the most important pros and cons of the gable roof and also tell you what costs you should expect with this type of roof.

What costs do you have to expect for a gable roof?

If your decision has been made and you want to build a gable roof on your house, you certainly want to calculate the approximate costs in advance. Of course, there is no universal answer to the question of how much money a gable roof costs. The price depends on the specific construction project. However, you can orient yourself on the average prices: For example, a normally inclined raw roof costs about 60 euros per square meter. For all special constructions such as dormers or the like, however, you have to pay a surcharge.

The steeper the roof, the more difficult the additional construction measures are, which makes them correspondingly expensive.

So that you can estimate the costs for your gable roof even more accurately, we explain below which aspects influence the price. In addition, we have created a sample calculation for a gable roof.

These factors influence the price

First and foremost, of course, the price of a gable roof is determined by the size of the roof area. The larger your roof, the higher the cost will skyrocket. In addition, inclination and roof overhang play a role. In addition, you have to dig deeper into your pocket for all special constructions. This applies, for example, to a loggia or a dormer. Such extras significantly increase the costs for pond pump size calculator, because the additional effort is large. It, therefore, needs to be well considered whether you really need the special constructions or can do without them.

The region in which you live also has an influence on the cost of the gable roof. In conurbations, you pay a relatively large amount of money for construction work on the roof, while in the countryside it is usually cheaper. However, this does not apply if your house is located in a severe weather area. In this case, a particularly robust material must be used for the construction of the roof, which has a corresponding additional price.

In addition to the cost of the actual roof truss, you still need to take into account the roofing and thermal insulation when planning. For the covering, you pay between 20 and 100 euros per square meter, while the insulation costs about 60 euros per square meter.

Concrete example of covering with a gable roof

In the following example, we assume that a new building should have a gable roof with an area of 200 square meters. The client wants a high-quality roof covering that costs 75 euros per square meter and thermal insulation that corresponds to the latest state-of-the-art. 

The total cost of the gable roof would therefore amount to 39,000 euros.

Is a gable roof worthwhile? Advantages and disadvantages in comparison

Before we explain to you what costs you should include when planning your single-family home for a gable roof, we would first like to address the question of why this roof shape is so popular and what advantages it offers. Basically, the construction of the gable roof is very simple: Two roof surfaces lean towards each other up to the ridge. In this way, the stable triangular shape is created, which ensures that the rainwater can drain off on both sides. In many houses, the ridge ends at the level of the gable, but it can also easily protrude beyond it. This roof construction has proven itself for a long time. The purlins are the supporting element on which the rafters rest.


The most significant advantage of the gable roof is the low price. It is due to the comparatively simple roof shape.

In addition, this roof shape offers a few other advantages:


Maintenance costs are low


Suitable for numerous settlement areas

Attic can be expanded

For the gable roof, there are many different roof pitches and eaves heights to choose from, so that it can be adapted to the respective single-family house. In addition, numerous coverings are possible. In this way, the gable roof can be adapted to any requirements.

In addition, the maintenance costs for saddle roofs are relatively low. The two sloping ceilings drain rainwater quickly. Therefore, puddles can not form. Dirt has little chance of settling down, as it is rinsed off again and again. Accordingly, the Sattelbach has a long shelf life and requires little maintenance.

A point that also speaks for the gable roof is the high weather resistance. Rain, snow and storm hardly bother the roof.

If you live in a region where it frequently storms and rains, the gable roof should be tilted as much as possible. Then the water drains off best and the surface can dry again quickly. In areas with high snowfall, the roof slope is often chosen slightly lower to avoid falling snow avalanches.

In many villages there are real gable roof settlements. Therefore, it is not a problem to integrate another house with this roof construction. Often the gable roof is even prescribed for new buildings and conversions.

A last important advantage of the gable roof is that the attic can be expanded if necessary. This applies to all saddle roofs with an inclination between 38 and 45 degrees. Windows can be mounted either in the gable sides or directly in the roof.


But the gable roof also has a few disadvantages. If you compare it with a pitched or mansard roof, the living space under the roof is lower with a gable roof.

The steeper the gable roof is inclined, the smaller the living space in the attic.

You should take this into account when planning, because furnishing living rooms with steep sloping ceilings is always a challenge. In most cases, the furniture has to be specially made, for which you pay correspondingly higher prices. Another disadvantage is that the daylight in the attic enters superficially through skylights. Not all living spaces can be adjacent to the gable and accordingly use the light of a gable window. The skylights have a few disadvantages: It likes to rain in there and in rainy weather it is difficult to ventilate.


Nevertheless, the disadvantages of a gable roof are rather insignificant compared to the numerous advantages. If you do without an extension of the attic, they hardly play a role. In addition, you can mitigate the disadvantages by planning the roof well: With a roof pitch of only 30 degrees, for example, there is still enough space in the attic even for high furniture. Furthermore, a dormer can be installed to integrate more vertical windows into the roof.


The gable roof is inexpensive and at the same time offers many advantages. The price for the raw roof amounts to about 60 euros per square meter, with the costs for covering and thermal insulation being added. The gable roof becomes more expensive when special constructions such as dormers are integrated.\

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