7 secrets professional painters won’t tell you

There is a big difference between a painting by yourself and a painting done by a professional. The painting looks easy, but it is not. It is not just to take a brush and paint …

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There is a big difference between a painting by yourself and a painting done by a professional. The painting looks easy, but it is not. It is not just to take a brush and paint and start painting. Professional painters in Perth provide a high painting service that makes your property level high.

 There are some rules that professional painters in Perth follow to make their skills at their best level. These painters in Perth know all the secrets of painting. Professional painters follow some tricks and secret points, and you should also know all these things.

1. Clear all the things

When the professionals start painting, they clear all the things around them; firstly, painters in Perth avoid painting the wall when there is furniture or anything else on the painting side. 

If your furniture is heavy and you can’t move it. So, cover it with a cloth that makes your furniture safe from any dust and paint drops. Make sure that you cover all the things. If you cover it with a cloth made of canvas, it is best. Professional painters in Perth can also cover all the floor with cardboard or cloth to protect the surface from any painting drops.

2. Remove the dust from all the walls

Professional painters in Perth remove all the dust from the walls to make the painting smooth. When you don’t remove all the dust from the wall, you will waste your money on painting. 

If you are painting your kitchen wall, you can remove all the grease from the walls. When you paint on the greasy wall, it looks so bad. Also, remove all the paintings and frames from the walls. Professional painters in Perth remove all the unnecessary paint from the wall to give the finish to the walls.

3. Use high-quality paints and brushes

Painting companies in Perth use high-quality paints and brushes that give the wall a good look. Professional painters know the quality of paints. They use oil-based paints that give finishes to walls.

When professional painters in Perth paint a wall, they use at least two coats that make the paint stay for long. Professional painters do not buy extra paint. They save money by using high-quality paint within budget. It is not necessarily the low price of paint is always of low quality.

Professional painters in Perth use the bushes again, but it is important to clean the brush, leaving no old paint.

4. Prepare the wall before paint

When the wall is not in good condition, the paint will not stay on it. It is necessary to fix all the imperfections of the walls if any holes or rough edges appear on the wall. 

These small imperfections will make your wall painting bad. The painting will not hide your wall scratches and dents. Painting contractor Perth always prepares the wall before going to paint it.

5. Start from the top 

Whenever painters start painting the wall, they start from the top. The ceiling should be painted first. It will help to efficiently cover all the space within time and make the working criteria easy. Different types of tools are used for painting the ceiling.

  • Paint roller frame 
  • Paint roller covers 
  • Paint roller
  • Ladder 
  • Extension pole 

Professional painters in Perth use tape to cover all the areas to avoid paint on the walls where you don’t want that colour. It is more helpful to tape the trim than the walls.

6. Loaded brush

Loading the brush with the paint is the major thing professional painters in Perth keep in mind.

They dip their brush 1.5 inches in the paint and instantly apply it to the wall. It will help them give the paint a glassy effect on the surface.

They also cover the brush with tape, which is helpful to avoid the paint drops falling on the floor. When professional painters use the loaded brush, they don’t wipe the brush on the side of the paintbox. Loaded brush help to get more paint instead of dipping it repeatedly. This trick is very helpful for professional painters in Perth.

7. Mix paint well 

Before applying the paint to the surface, make sure it is mixed well. Professional painters mix all the paint to give the paint actual colour. They stir paint whenever they use it. Otherwise, it will dry in patches and look worst when it gets dry.

Mixing one colour with another colour of paint gives a unique colour that gives your walls a classy look. It is the work done by professional painters because they have experience in their work.


Knowing the tricks that a professional painter does will help you do your painting by yourself. Every painter has their tricks, but these tricks will also be helpful.

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