6 Camping Skills You Need To Survive In The Wild!

Camping is a marvelous way of being acquainted with the wild. Sitting under the moonlight streaking through the canopy while singing tales of adventures sets you as free as the soaring blazes of the campfire. …


Camping is a marvelous way of being acquainted with the wild. Sitting under the moonlight streaking through the canopy while singing tales of adventures sets you as free as the soaring blazes of the campfire. In the morning, you hike the hill to capture the perfect view of the world beneath you. You accompany the sun across the horizon during dusk while enjoying the largest zipline Dubai.

Surviving in the woods during hot summer days can be tough, especially if you are not a pro camper. All these adventurous experiences shape your personality to tackle unexpected experiences. Camping can hone your survival instincts, preparing you to take on the world.

Here are some of the essential camping skills you need to survive through the wilderness:

1.      Locate A Suitable Camp Site

You want to remain up and dry. Avoid valleys and routes where water may be flowing toward you. Choose a campground devoid of natural hazards such as bug nests and widow-makers, i.e., dead branches that may fall in the middle of the night and falling boulders.

Ideally, you should be near supplies like running water, dried wood from which you can build your shelter and a fire, and rocky walls or formations that can protect you from the weather. 

2.      Build A Shelter

In a long-term survival emergency, it implies a well-insulated shelter should be your main priority. Find a fallen tree at an angle, or fasten a huge branch to a standing tree, then stack smaller branches close together on one side to build a basic lean-to. Debris, such as leaves and moss, should be layered across the angled wall. Finally,  create a layer of four to six inches of debris to sleep on to shield yourself from Dubai’s rocky, bumpy, and burning ground, which can give you a heat stroke.

3.      Make A Campfire

You’ll need to know how to build a campfire when you go camping. In most situations, individuals utilize the campfire as a heat source to keep warm while sharing stories at night. Others utilize the bonfires as a source of heat to cook the foods they’ve packed with them.

It is a necessary skill that you should master before going camping. You’ll need little bits of wood that can quickly catch fire. Many individuals make the error of using huge woods that do not catch fire quickly enough while making campfires.

Having a campfire also necessitates understanding the preventative procedures. Campfires mostly cause wildfires. To avoid disasters, you must ensure that the fire is extinguished once you have finished using it. Hunting with thermal imaging allows hunters to see their target in any weather and complete darkness. This innovation can be applied in different hunting exercises, for example, hunting from tree stands and hedge hunting.

4.      First Aid Skills

As a camper, anything might happen on your trip. And, because no one can foresee when accidents will occur, you should arm yourself with first aid abilities that you can utilize.


If you are organizing a group camping trip, be sure that there are people in the group who are trained in first aid. You should also have a first aid kit with all of the instruments you need to do first aid on an injured individual in an emergency.

5.      Identifying Edible Plants

There’s no reason to go for huge animals in a survival situation because you’ll spend energy in a futile attempt to bring them down. Make a living off the smalls. It entails consuming edible plants as well as small critters like fish.

It takes time and practice to distinguish between plants that can be eaten and those that can kill you. Misidentifying a plant can lead to itchiness, rash, diarrhea, or severe dehydration. Purchase a book to become acquainted with plants in various habitats.

6.      Navigating By The Day

If you do not have access to a GPS tool such as Google Map or a compass, you can utilize the sky to find your way. The most obvious method that ancient people adopted is to look at the sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you can use an analog watch to find your north and south poles. Just hold the watch horizontally and point the hour hand towards the sun. Imagine a line running between the hour hand and noon. It is your north-south line.

To conclude, you need to acquaint yourself with some basic camping skills to limit the dangers and extract the most excitement from experience. Camps in Dubai offer exactly that – a perfect blend of thrill and adventure! So, be well-prepared, as nothing is better than an adrenaline rush.


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